Fashion Forward Friday- The perfect rain jacket

I’m going to change things up a bit for this week’s Fashion Forward Friday post.  Sometimes having a kid will make your schedule not really much of a schedule, but more of a nebulous sort of brainstorming session in your weekly planner.  This is kind of how that week happened.  It all started Monday morning when we woke up to that beautiful brisk feeling of chilly air coming through the bedroom windows.  IT’S FALL.  We LOVE fall!  It’s the season everyone raves about on Facebook and Pinterest!  Break out the North Face Denalis, everyone, it’s here!

But not quite for my son… One thing that I’ve learned after having Jake is that he outgrows clothes not seasonally, not yearly, but monthly.  So that adorably preppy kelly green windbreaker he was sporting all spring?  Yep, too small.  Like “fat guy in a little coat” small…  So, hanging my head in shame, I have dropped him off at school every morning sans coat while other kids come bundled like mini-snow people.  What’s a working mom to do??  Promptly after dropping him off Monday morning, I scoured the internet looking for the perfect (and inexpensive) light jacket for him.  With time being limited on a working mom’s schedule, online is sometimes the only option.  I searched everywhere, and finally found the perfect look for him.  But after some serious Googling and pricing, it took a good hour.  And, not being one to waste precious online retail research, I’ve compiled my hunt for you here.  You know, just in case Fall creeps up on you too.

First stop in my search was Moosejaw.  Based out of Oregon, this online and retail store site has some of the coolest gear.  They carry North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, and lots of other quality outdoor brands.  I was looking in the sale section for a Patagonia fleece zippy for him, as he outgrew the Patagonia fleece my friend bought him when he was a baby, but they didn’t have anything in his size.  I was going to buy it for him, but I’ll wait until the weather gets cooler.  I was hoping to find a windbreaker.

Patagonia Baby Synch Cardigan.  $44,

Next, I tried L.L. Bean.  I figured there had to be something there for him.  I mean, it’s New England’s premiere outdoor outfitter!  Maybe I’m being too picky here, but I wasn’t feeling any of the jackets –  I really just wanted a windbreaker.  So, when I found one on L.L. Bean’s website, I was disappointed to find out it would not ship until December!  He’ll need his fleece by then!


L.L. Bean Discovery Rain Jacket.  $34, L.L.

Finally.  Victory.  Always a big fan of The Black Dog, I was at the end of my rope.  I wanted something at a fair price, not cheaply made, and It needed to look good.  I love a good rain jacket for myself, and I wanted to find a jacket that satisfied all of my requirements.  Oh, and again, fair price.  I’m quite sure I’ll have the opportunity to blow my paycheck at Abercrombie & Fitch soon enough for Jake, so in the interim, saving a few bucks and having a good-looking jacket is what I’m all about.  Enter, The Black Dog Lil’ Kids Jacket.  The jacket arrived last night, and I dropped him off at school with it today.  He was cute, warm, and this is something that will definitely last until next spring!  And it’s a classic kid’s piece – in Buoy Red with the black dog embroidered on the chest, it’ll go with all of Jake’s khakis, jeans, and cargo shorts.  And if you’re a regular reader to my columns, you know a picture will be following!


Lil’ Kids Jacket.  $28, The Black Dog.

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