Carol Brady’s Half of the Bunch

One week ago my husband and I welcomed our third baby girl into the world! We were thrilled and over-joyed to welcome the adorable little bundle of joy into our family. Having three girls under four years old can be overwhelming at times. However, I have made every attempt to remain present in whatever situation I am confronted with, and have enjoyed each and every newborn moment.

Take for example, the delivery of our newest addition. She was born two and a half weeks early, and her arrival was filled with emotional ups and downs. We only actually knew we were going into delivery about fifteen minutes before the surgery began. As scary and anxiety ridden as C-Section deliveries can be, I truly found myself focusing on staying present and in the moment. From holding my Doctors hand during the spinal, to helping the operating room prep team select the Toni Braxton radio station to be piped throughout the room during my delivery, to watching the wave of emotion cross my husband’s face when he proudly announced, “it’s a girl!” I was present and enjoying every single moment.

I turned my hospital stay into a relaxing four days filled with good food (brought from loved ones, not the hospital), visits from friends and family, two all-girl overnights with two of my best friends (yes, two of my friends left their families and came to stay with me in the hospital so my husband could be with the big sisters at home!) and a chance to actually watch TV.  I am proud to say that I am now addicted to The Voice (I LOVE Blake Shelton!)

Since arriving home, I have found myself enjoying every precious moment I can with my three girls. The anxieties and stress of being a first-time parent have dissipated, and I’m more focused on enjoying the adorable moments, like my when my two-year old walked past her new little sister, stopped, kissed her softly on the head, and announced, “I love that baby!”. As tired as I am, I am not nearly as stressed about my milk production, or the schedule of the baby, I’m just enjoying the company of my three beautiful daughters.

Going forward I am fully aware that there will be hardships; there will be difficult and stressful times that will try my abilities as a parent. However, that is not where I am choosing to focus my energy. Like Marcia, Jan and Cindy Brady, I envision my girls confiding in one another, enjoying each other’s company, and lounging around in their bedrooms discussing problems and recent gossip (but in a less creepy, updated, more nuanced kind of way). I see the love and adoring way in which my husband looks at each of his daughters and I am already fully aware, that in his eyes, no man will every be deserving of one of his daughters.

As tired and run down as the mom of a newborn can get, I know I am lucky to have been able to fulfill this role on three separate occasions. I am thankful for what my body has allowed me to endure and overcome. I look forward to raising three wonderful daughters, and I will work hard in every moment of my life to set a good example for them and to be a positive role model. When I think I am as exhausted or overwhelmed as I possibly can be, I look to the moments in my life that give me joy and I try to be present and drink them all in.

This morning, after less than three hours of sleep I woke up to my two-year old cuddled beside me, my newborn in her bassinet, my four-year old laughing in her big girl room, and my husband walking up the stairs announcing, “Are any of my sleeping beauties awake? We are going to be late for school!” It doesn’t get any better!


8 thoughts on “Carol Brady’s Half of the Bunch

  1. I can be the other half of your Brady Bunch! 😉 Loved reading about your babymoon bliss!!! Such a sweet, tender time!!

  2. Congratulations on your 3 beauties! From a Mom of boys, I have no idea what it’s like to raise daughters… but I know I can live vicariously through you 😉 Lots of smiles and happiness for you all!

  3. I love this. Your positive attitude is inspiring. I say lets looks at the good side of life and enjoy every moment of it. This made me smile. Thank you.

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