Create it Saturday: Grandparents Day Edition

WARNING: If you are the grandparent of my children STOP reading IMMEDIATELY! You’ll ruin the surprise…As for the rest of you, please carry on.

In case you were not aware, Sunday September 9th – tomorrow – is Grandparents Day. My girls are extremely lucky to have 5 wonderful grandparents that absolutely cherish and (of course) spoil them! That being said, I wanted to find some meaningful way to honor them. You know I am all about craftiness so I began looking a little bit online for ideas. There definitely were some cute crafts I found on but decided to put a twist of my own to their multigenerational hanging frames craft.



What you will need:

  • wallet size pictures of the grandparents, parents, and kids (you can have one picture with all your kids or do them individually like I did)
  • ribbon
  • little/thin wooden plaque (I picked mine up at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • hot glue gun
  • paint (if you want to paint your wooden plaque)


What to do:

  • Paint your wooden plaque so it has a chance to dry while you do the rest of the craft. I painted mine white to go along with my black & white theme.
  • Cut your ribbon to your desired length and place your pictures where you will want to glue them. Make sure you leave extra ribbon at the top so you can glue it to the back of your plaque.
  • Glue your pictures to the ribbon.
  • Once the paint on your wooden plaque is dry, write a meaningful quote or phrase. You can use a sharpie marker or a paint marker (which is what I used).

  • Glue the top of the ribbon to the back of your plaque.
  • I then glued two button magnets on the back so it can be hung on their refrigerator.
  • Give it as a gift to the wonderful grandparents in your child(ren)’s life!
The finished product. A cute way to display three generations!

 …And to all you Grammies, Grampies, Grandmas, Grandpas, Nannys, Nanas, Nonnas, Poppies, Papas, Pop-Pops, well…you get the idea… Happy Grandparents Day to you! You truly are special!

We would LOVE to see your Create it Saturday creations! Please share with us by uploading a picture to our facebook page!!!

Remember to…

Contemplate, Create, Celebrate!


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