For Steve…..A Common Theme

My boyfriend keeps trying to find the “common theme” to my CT Working Moms blogs.  “They don’t seem to have a lot to do with being a working mom” he says.  So, after rudely dismissing him, I started thinking maybe he has a point and I should talk about how I balance my job with being a mom.

So, for Steve.

I am a political director for a union. I travel a lot and work a ton of hours – in the office, at home, on the phone, on a computer, in airports, on trains, planes, subways and automobiles, in meeting after meeting and more.

But I love my job because it has meaning to me.

Twenty five years ago I took a leap of faith from the then safe and stable confines of an insurance company (yes, the ones I regularly protest outside of today) to run a rape crisis center.  Having spent 3 years at this un-named company seeking refuge from the meaningless mundanity in event planning for their United Way campaign, starting a salvage food program for a local soup kitchen, selling flowers to support charities for cancer, diabetes, heart, lung, sick kids, clean air, safe tap water, circus animal safety, happy pets and you name it – I decided it was either turn into a drone or become a leader.

Today my job provides me with a good salary, extraordinary health benefits and retirement security – unions fight for that for workers but employers detest them – that’s a political blog I’ll save for another site.

Yet, I struggle every day with being exceptional at my job and a perfect Mom – because anything less would fail to satisfy my Type A personality.  My next blog may be about the problem with this type of thinking!

Not a day goes by however, when this struggle is not in my face, on my mind and in my heart.  Every day requires choices, decisions and amazing friends who help when I ask.   So far, I have managed but I daresay my daughters, on any given day, might disagree.

But, I can only hope that as they grow up they feel loved, cared for and ready to go out and fight for a life and a world that is just, peaceful and meaningful and that in some small way I have set an example worth living up to for them.

3 thoughts on “For Steve…..A Common Theme

  1. Bev you are an amazing mother and passionate person! I am proud to call you my sister-in-law! Love your blog. All we can do is try and set an example as a positive role model for our kids. It’s not like anyone will be perfect but you hope they will strive for the best. You have done this for your girls as they are both great kids! Love you & your awesome kids xoxo

  2. Loving this entry! It’s rare for me to find mum’s who care about the world outside their own front door. I want to make the world a better place in whatever small way I can and it would kill me to think that my children would grow up only believing that they only need to care about themselves. It’s a struggle I have with my husband as he feels that our family is all that matters. I feel our family is every family. It’s hard when political or philosophical ideologies create differences in how we want to raise our kids. Thanks for this post!!! I feel enthused again having read it.
    Big Love from England

  3. You have!…set an example that is. And who says being a mom isn’t a job? You were Exec. Director of CT. NOW too. All your jobs have the themes and visions you articulate in your last paragraph. Good work, good mom.

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