Magical Monday: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice…”

This Magical Monday I thought I’d play a game called “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” This game is a fun way of visualizing how you’d LIKE things to be rather than how they currently are ~ it’s an intention even, and could surprise you with its eventual creations! Today’s game is going to focus on a society that HONORS mothers and REVERES families…’cause really, wouldn’t THAT be nice?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If..

* Saggy breasts were a sought-after badge of honor, indicating that you’ve loved and nourished children? Saggy breasts are something to aspire to and young girls would look at Mothers and think “Oh! I can’t WAIT to have sagging breasts too!” Men also think that ball-in-the-bag look the sexiest thing EVER!

* Organic Prepared Meals Shoppes were attached to every single Day Care Provider. In the morning during drop-off, you place your order for dinner that night. When you pick up your children, you pick up your order and are sent off with a cocktail in hand (because in my world, one-for-the-road is socially acceptable), making you a very relaxed Mama by the time you get home.

* Husbands swooped in BEFORE the inevitable Mama-Breakdown saying “Sweetie, take some time for yourself. I have this.” In my world, this happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!

* There was a manicure station on every flight. Every pilot has training as a comedian and the flight attendants know how to juggle and make balloon animals.

* Restaurants come equipped with big overstuffed chairs and couches and there’s a train table next to every dining table, with the option of also eating on the floor.

* People broke out into spontaneous song and dance in the street!

* There were beer and wine vendors at every park, beach, and playground!

* The wiser you get, the hotter you look!

* People had the option of taking mid-day siestas (as in Europe) so families and friends could eat lunch and drink wine together…and then only returned to work if they wanted to!

Oh, this is SUCH a fun game! Join in if you want and tell me what YOU think would be nice….


13 thoughts on “Magical Monday: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice…”

  1. It might not be an organic drive through restaurant but there is a new mobile food truck in CT that has gotten national attention: GMonkey. They have a food cart that goes around to different towns, farmers markets, etc and sells ready made meals that are organic and healthy. Plus their truck is also eco.
    If you go to their website you can findout where they will be next.

    And yes, a self cleaning house would be #1 on my list.

  2. So I wish i could add more of this, but um…. nope! YOU COVERED IT, SISTER! And yeah- beer and wine stations in public locations. Sometimes I need a glass of wine just to get through dinner out at a restaurant with the family! I’d also like to add that in my perfect world there’d be a Dunkin Donuts within every single office building and place of business.

  3. I would love if every, i mean EVERY type of activity for kids and adults was for free, just as if public shcools are free, it would be so nice, free piano, horse back lessons, gymnastics, soccer, yoga, etc….. and babysitting!!!!!

  4. UM yes to all of these please! Wouldn’t it also be nice if it was actually feasible to ride your bike everywhere? I totally would if it was possible but it’s not. Also, wouldn’t it be nice if workplaces PROVIDED childcare? You could walk into work, drop off your child, work, visit your little one(s) during the day and then leave with them at the end of the day. I would love a kiss from my baby at lunch time!

  5. wouldn’t it be nice if your boss let you work whatever hours you wanted to work to accommodate work/life balance???

  6. Love!
    I always find myself wishing that someone could come up with a healthy organic fast food store with a drive through. And also, wouldnt it be nice if houses could clean themselves??

    1. I think there ARE organic drive-thrus on the West Coast ~ why-oh-why does it take us so long to catch up?! And I’m totally down for self-cleaning houses!

  7. Hilarious! I laughed out loud. I remember when I’d visit my relatives in Italy I would hate the midday siesta. But now I yearn for them desperately!

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