Fashion Forward Friday- Workin’ It

Because we’re still in the thick of Olympics Season, I’d be remiss if  I did not dedicate a Fashion Friday post to outfitting yourself for all occasions, including workouts.  There are several different workout styles, depending on your personality, so I will take a jab at hitting all the marks with this one.  Oh, and because the Olympics are in London this year, I’ll be following right along with the Brits.

Flashy Spice.

Flashy Spice likes to see and be seen during her workout.  The brighter the better for Flashy.  And why not?  Working out should be fun!  Wear your brights- get noticed, and at 5Ks it’s a lot easier for your family and friends to spot you in the crowd and ring their cowbells for you. 

Deal= Old Navy online running tank, $10.00. 


Splurge= Lululemon Run Swiftly tech tee, $68.00.

Your shoes are probably the most expensive piece of equipment you will need if you’re a runner or clocking in time at the gym.  You can get away with inexpensive workout clothes, but the last place that you want to skimp on is your sneakers.  Your sneakers will provide you with support, cushioning, and if you have issues with over or under pronation, purchasing a great pair of sneakers will make your workouts that much happier for both you, and your feet!   Flashy Spice likes her feet to get as much attention as she does when she’s out cruising the neighborhood with her jogging stroller, or playing with her kiddo at her Mommy & Me gym class. 

Enter the Nike Flyknit Trainer+.  You may recognize these beauties on the feet of our United States Olympic Athletes.  They were just released by Nike at the start of the games, and they are made by athletes for athletes.  You can’t really get much flashier than these!  They are a splurge at $150.,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-582111/pgid-582109#?l=shop,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-582117/pgid-582109

I, myself, am in the market for a new pair of running shoes, and was beyond excited at the release of the Flyknits.  Unfortunately they were not quite in the budget this month, so after searching around online for an alternative cushioning shoe, I went back to my tried and true pair of Asics Gel Nimbus.  The Gel Nimbus and I have been friends for years, running hundreds of miles together, countless 5 and 10ks, one half marathon, and pushing Jake in his Bumbleride up who knows how many hills in my neighborhood.  So, it was back to the Nimbuses for me.  At $90, for serious running shoes, that’s actually a pretty good deal.  And as far as Flashy goes, I think they satisfy! Deal: Asics Gel Nimbus, $89.  Eastbay Online:



Warrior Spice:

Warrior Spice is in it to win it.  No nonsense, cut to the chase, give me a work out or give me death kind of girl.  She’s got 45 minutes in spin class while the kids are in the gym’s day care, so she’ll burn those calories with a vengeance.  And take no prisoners or dirty diapers while she’s at it. 

Old Navy Active wear gets the job done at a quarter of the price of other athletic workout gear.  You’re sweating in this stuff, you’re throwing it in the wash when you get home, story’s over.  Deal= Old Navy Active goDRY tee, $14.00.

Old Navy Active Compression Shorts, $15.00.

Warrior Spice sometimes takes her workout to the grocery store.  As in, after her gym workout she takes the kids to the grocery store to pick up the week’s essentials.  Or, she was able to squeeze in a workout in on Saturday morning, and now it’s time to run some errands with the family.  Her splurge-worthy gym duds can take her from workout to afternoon out thanks to Athleta.  Athleta has a pretty great selection of workout-to go out outfits, including packable dresses, tees and crops that are family vacation friendly!  Here are some outfits that Warrior Spice likes to keep on hand for any occasion:

Athleta’s Pop Space Dye Top does dual duty.  Disguised as a work out top, this can be worn on the beach, on vacation with the family, or paired with your yoga pants on a Saturday afternoon.  Splurgeworthy, yes, but you’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it outside of your workout.  Splurge: $49.99.

Athleta’s favorite pant, as chosen by its customers is their Chaturanga Yoga Knicker.  The company’s “2012 Most Valuable Performer” is a pretty high accolade for a pant that again, can be worn on a sweat-fest workout, or paired with a flowing tank top and a gladiator sandals for a Sunday afternoon family get together.  Win win? Think so! Splurge: $49.00.

So whether your Flashy Spice or Warrior Spice, there’s nothing that can get you motivated more to work out than a hot new workout wardrobe.  Some favorite places to find inexpensive workout gear include:

  1. TJ Maxx
  2. Marshall’s
  3. Old Navy
  4. Nordstrom Rack
  5. Ocean State Job Lot
  6. Target


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