Virtual Hug (Confess It Style)

Every time we get a confession submission I wish I could give the person who sent it a huge virtual hug. What I hear most about our confessions page is that it makes people feel less alone to realize that someone else feels the same way they do. So from time to time I’m going to highlight a confession and ask our readers to help give the anonymous poster some moral support (not necessarily advice, more like leaving her some words of encouragement).

Submitted Confession: “Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision becoming a mom. I absolutely love my girls and would do anything in the world for them, but sometimes I feel that I just am not handling their needs the right way. I am over stressed and over worked and sometimes I take it out on my family and it isn’t fair to them. I just want to make sure my kids grow up happy and healthy and well-adjusted and sometimes I feel that it won’t happen because I am not doing a good enough job as their mother. Everyone tells me I am a great mom, but I don’t see it a lot of the time.”

My words of support to this momma: It sounds like you’re doing a great job. It also sounds like you are someone like myself, a perfectionist. It can be so hard to just let go and say ‘I’m doing the best job I can do and that’s good enough’ but we have to try. Society tells us all the we have to be the “perfect mother” or we’re failing, and that’s just not true. Take solace knowing that you are truly giving it your all and I’m sure your girls know they’ve got one awesome mamma. ♥

3 thoughts on “Virtual Hug (Confess It Style)

  1. I have felt the same. What I will say to the woman that inititally posted this is this….the simple fact that you worry about ‘handling thier needs the right away’ likely means that you are sure as heck are! Someone on this website once wrote (sorry can’t remember who) that “we are given the children we were meant to have”, which I believe also means they were given the mother they were meant to have. You’ve been chosen for a reason:)

  2. Yes, I feel this way often and so do my friends. Like Michelle said, though, we need to ease up on ourselves. We will never be the PERFECT mother (because there is no such thing) but we will always be the perfect mother for our children ~ exactly the mother they need. When I start feeling this way all the time (like lately) then I know it’s time to make some changes that help ME get more of what I need, so I can give them more of what they need. And really, all they need is a happy Mama. ♥

  3. wow its so nice to read this, i feel that way all the time, so glad im not alone thanks for posting this

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