Magical Monday: Creating My Freedom

Are you living the life you want? I’m not exactly. I mean, I have a beautiful home in a beautiful town with my beautiful family. On the outside looking in, many have said I live a charmed life. But I’m burnt out. Really burnt out. And so is my hubby.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a full-time, unschooling Mama. We also co-sleep. So that means I am LITERALLY with my children 24 hours a day, every day. Some call it marathon-parenting, and that seems appropriate. Every day (and night) is a new marathon. Currently hubby and I are in survival mode. And that’s not fun. If you’re just surviving, you’re definitely not thriving…and neither are your children.

It’s time to make some changes. Right now. Right here.

*I envision my family as HAPPY, JOYFUL, and PLAYFUL. I see hubby and I REALLY enjoying each other, our children, and the freedom we’ve created for ourselves. *

I don’t think that vision is as far away as it feels and HERE are some steps I’m going to take to make it happen.

* I’m going to sign up with and find the PERFECT sitter for my boys (I’m doing this right after I’m done with this post!)

* Hubby and I will have weekly dates again (life is SO MUCH better with weekly dates to look forward to!)

* This week my 7 year old will start sleeping in his own room.  After this happens, we’ll work on our 4 year old.

* We will come up with a new bed-time routine that works for EVERYONE.

* I’m going to start planning our first night away from our children for our anniversary and will commit to doing this at least 3 times a year.

After writing this out, it doesn’t seem so difficult. Really, it’s just finding the right caregiver and changing our nightly habits. This feels good, so I’m going to continue. Other changes I’m going to make:

* I’m going to walk my dog every morning. It’s a lovely way to start the day and there will be a lot less poop in our yard!

* I’m going to sign my 7 year old (and maybe 4 year old) up for a homeschooling exploration group in September. This is a big step for us, as he’ll be gone for almost 4 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is something he’s resisted in the past but hubby and I both agree that EVERYONE is ready for this.

* We’re going to start designing and making our Unique Play Area in our yard for our children. This is something we’ve been TALKING about doing, but just not ACTUALLY doing. Dammit, it’s time! (I have some good ideas from Pinterest!)

I think that’s enough for now.

WOW! Writing out this post has changed my mood from sullen and frustrated to excited and empowered! That really IS magical!

What about you? Are you living the life you want? If not, what steps can you take TODAY to bring it closer?

Let’s create FREEDOM together on this Magical Monday. ♥

12 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Creating My Freedom

  1. I love that you are finding time for you!!!! It is so hard to do this, and luckily my mother (Mother of 4 daughters and married for 36 years, Yowsa!) told me over and over that “Alone time for yourself and your husband” is imperative for your sanity but you will be a better mother because you will be refreshed which in turn will make you a happier mother and wife. And everyone knows if Mom is happy than everyone is.

    With that said can you include “drinking with your blogger friends on the list?!!!

    1. Katie, that is one wise Mama of yours ~ you are so lucky to have had that pounded into your head!! I do see the balance you have in your family and it’s inspiring. And let’s see…drinking with my Sistas? Done! ♥

  2. I am encouraged by your response and I wish you luck. It’s refreshing to see someone who can see the ‘forest through the trees’, so to speak. I hope it works for you.

    1. Well, I am nothing if not refreshing. 😉

      I’ll use this space here to update what I’ve done today ~ I’ve walked my doggie (twice!), I signed up for Sittercity and I’ve heard from FIVE sitters (yahoo!), I have an appt to talk to the head of the Homeschooling Explorer group tomorrow, AND we moved a bunch of favorite toys into the boys’ room where my 7 year old is VERY excited to sleep tonight! I actually had to talk my 4 year old OUT of sleeping there tonight, as I could see how important it was for my older one to do the first night all by himself, but I promised the younger one he could sleep there tomorrow.

      It’s AMAZING how easily changes can happen when you’re absolutely READY to make them and it’s clear that my whole family is NOW very ready.
      Thanks again for all the support, cheerleading (and concern) here today, Dear Sisters!! Even though I’m still suffering from a sore throat and some sinusy-crap, I feel absolutely GREAT! ♥

  3. While your obvious devotion to your children should be lauded and in many ways emulated, I think you are doing a disservice to your children in not re-evaluating the decision making processes you and your spouse used to get to the point you find yourself in. While perhaps your belief in co-sleeping and attachment parenting did your children a great amount of good in their infancy, your obvious hesitancy to evolve your parenting style, no matter the reason, has adversely affected your children. While I believe no child should be held to a developmental standard, that your children, at 4 and 7, are unable to sleep alone is disturbing. So please reconsider allowing your kids to grow, instead of just dealing with the consequences of your inability to abandon an outgrown parenting model.

    1. Why, believe it or not, I agree with every word you just said. Well, almost every word, I don’t think my children have been adversely affected ~ HOWEVER, if I don’t, as you say, evolve my parenting style perhaps they would be. I absolutely agree that attachment parenting has mostly worked for us until NOW. And the whole point of my post is to say I’ve become uncomfortable with the staleness of our routines and am absolutely ready to evolve. Sometimes people need to get uncomfortable to get out of their comfort zone…

      I do appreciate your comment and your concern. ♥

  4. Kate, I love how honest you are. I think you are brave for acknowledging that changes need to be made, and I applaud you for taking charge and MAKING them. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, thank you! All this cheerleading is so good for me! I signed up for Sittercity and I’m imagining hubby and me out on a date later this week! ♥

  5. I so appreciate this post as my family is going through a similar phase. I know what I need to do to find my freedom, I just need the courage to make it happen. Just reading this post is a reminder and a motivation. Thanks!

    1. Oh, I’m SO GLAD this post spoke to you! I’ve been feeling like a debbie-downer lately, so I’m relieved to find that my honesty helps at least one person. I think KNOWING what you need to do is half the battle ~ let’s be courageous together, Sister. ♥

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