Create it Saturday: Magnetic Dress Up

By the time you read this I will (hopefully) be close to arriving at our vacation spot in Maine. It’s a 6 hour trip without traffic or stops so we are leaving at 2:00 in the morning. Please, dear lord, let my two children sleep through this car ride! However, the ride home is a different story. We will be traveling during the day so I have been trying desperately to figure out what will keep my 2 year old occupied. I needed something new and fun in addition to the books and magna-doodle. The best part about this project was that I only spent $1.00 to make it! I had most of the materials on hand (except for the cheap metal platter – which I got at the Dollar Tree store).


What you will need:

  • metal platter (try your local dollar store!)
  • crafting foam sheets (I purchased mine at Walmart but you can find them in any craft store)
  • magnetic sheets (got these at Walmart as well)
  • marker(s)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paint (to make the body)


Step 1:  Make a body of some kind, using paint, to be “dressed.”

Step 2: Draw different pairs of eyes, noses, hair styles, mouths, shirts, pants/skirts/shorts (even on different color foam sheets), etc. Have fun with this and get creative.

*If you really don’t want to draw these yourself, you can find templates online and either print them on magnetic paper, or print them on regular paper and glue them onto the magnetic sheets. (*You might want to laminate your pieces before adding the magnets in order to make them last longer*)

Step 3: Glue your pieces (eyes, mouths, hair, etc.) onto the magnetic sheets and cut around them. You now have what you need to dress your person and create silly faces!

*Educationally speaking – not only is this a fun, silly activity, but it can also be used as a learning tool. With young children you can use this to learn the parts of the body (especially the face), matching, and even emotions if you create happy faces, sad faces, angry faces, etc. There are so many possibilities!

We would LOVE to see your Create it Saturday creations! Please share with us by uploading a picture to our facebook page!!!

Remember to…

Contemplate, Create, Celebrate!

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