Sow Cool!

I am so excited to give you all the scoop on a local Connecticut start-up that I KNOW will make the lives of working mommas easier!

Say hello to Sow Fresh Organics. They are here to make your weekly grocery shopping experience MUCH better. What I absolutely LOVE about this new business is that they shop around at local farmers markets to fill your order and then deliver your goods to your house for a small fee. It’s kind of like a CSA that delivers!

What I also love is that this makes economic sense. Ever filled your cart at Stop & Shop or whatever grocery stores is nearest to you with lots of fruits and veggies and then you get to the register and hold your breath as everything gets totaled up? That’s pretty much my experience every week. Sow Fresh Organics charges $30/small box, $42/medium box and $55/large box of fresh produce. Pretty darn reasonable if you ask me.

I also have a very hard time finding good produce at my local grocery stores – often times many of the apples are going bad, the peppers look like hell and the onions are soft. Sucks big time. And I loathe having to go back to the grocery store a second time during the week because I couldn’t get what I wanted – LOATHE it. These kind folks make sure that every single veggie and piece of fruit that goes in your box is as fresh as possible.

OK, OK, I’m sensing you are ready to hear how this actually works. The full scoop is on their website but I’ll give you the quick and dirty here.

Step 1: Go to their site and put in your zip code to see if they are delivering to your area. If yes, continue to step 2.

Step 2: Make yourself an account on their site and start shopping!

Step 3: Buy your purchases (using a credit card via their secure check out)

Step 4: Wait for your goods to be delivered to your door.

Yes, it’s THAT easy!!

**And here’s an extra bonus, right now they are running a special deal – you can get 10% off your first order by using the coupon code: WELCOME28. Why not try it out?**

Live in the Middletown area?? Tomorrow (July 28th), Sow Fresh Organics is organizing a Cash Mob! A cash mob is a grassroots, community-led movement aimed at supporting local businesses. With $20 in hand, we join together to shop in a locally owned business in order to support the Middletown economy and help out our small businesses. For more details and to sign up visit their website. We love supporting local businesses, don’t you? It feels oh-so-good.

A little note just because – we were not paid to write this – we found out about this great new company via a CT Working Moms reader and LOVE what they are doing!

When you try this out let us know how it goes!

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