Fashion Forward Friday- Gold Medal Winners

Anyone else have kettle drums and trumpets blaring in the back of your head right now?  If not, better get ready, because today kicks off two weeks of OLYMPIC FEVER!!  How can  you not drop everything and tune into all of this inspiring Olympic coverage?!  It’s totally one of my favorite things to do, and yes, I am obsessed.  Much.  I start to feel very patriotic.  Very nautical. Very New England.  And while I’m first generation Italian American, one cannot help but feel a sense of pride in their Country and their roots during any Olympic year.  And, dressing the part, of course.  I’ve compiled some Olympic-Inspired looks for you to put you in the Olympic spirit, or if you’re like me, to basically feed the beast, so to speak.


Enter the polo shirt.  Choose a bold color like navy or red, and pair them with skinny white jeans, white pants, or white shorts and you’ve now found your go-to outift for the rest of the summer.  Polos and White jeans are nothing new, but when it’s Olympic season, they just seem to be all the more appropos.  Vineyard Vines makes some of the best polos I’ve ever worn.  I have some that are at least 4 seasons old that have shown no signs of wear, and it’s a classic style you’ll run to every summer.,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=Womens-Polos

You can find white jeans and shorts pretty much anywhere this time of year, so try out places like:  Nordstrom Rack, and online at Old Navy and Land’s End Canvas.  This season, buttercup shorts are a very popular style.  Finding them in white? Victory is yours, girlfriend.

White jeans will take over permanently from your white shorts into August and on into September.  Grab a tie from your man’s closet as a sash around your waist, and you’re good to go.  Unfortunately the Husband caught me trying to tie one of his very expensive Brooks Brothers Repp ties around my belt loops and almost had a coronary.  I eventually picked up a much less inexpensive striped Tommy Hilfiger tie for myself at Marshall’s, so both of us were happy.

Another one of my all time go-to combos during the summer is the long sleeve shirt with shorts look.  Choosing nautical color combinations like the one above, available at Old Navy, will match perfectly for late night Olympic watching parties, and will get lots of mileage on weekend outings when the weather turns cooler in the next month.  White gauze tops and orange/red shorts= Winning!

Skinny jeans are great on any body type.  No, really, it’s true!  I’m not kidding here- (says girl with runner thighs).  Skinny jeans will not only fit you like a second skin, but they have that amazing Spanx-like quality that slims your curves and loves your booty.  Choosing a winning pair of skinny jeans, however, is tougher than actually qualifying for the Olympics.  You’ll have to devote some time in a dressing room and have several contenders on deck.  Again, Nordstrom Rack is your all star choice for this one- Lots of reasonably-priced luxe denim by denim makers such as 7 for all mankind, Paige Premium Denim, J brand Jeans, and Kut from the Kloth.  A solid pair of skinny jeans could quite possibly be your best investment, next to that splurge-worthy diaper bag.  Pair your dark rinse skinny jeans with red silk blouses and jeweled flats or gladiator sandals and that may just become your new investment piece of the year!  The above outfit can be found at Old Navy.

Wondering what to pair those skinnies with when summer’s over? (eep, too soon? You’re right- there’s a LOT left of summer, so why wait?  Throw a pair of espadrilles on and you’re out the door looking like you’re ready to board a water taxi in Venice.  Seriously.  They’re that convincing.  Espadrilles never really left the fashion scene, they just have been hanging out in the wings waiting for you.  You can snag this pair at J.Crew for only $19!!

Top it all off with a classic.  I saved the best for last here.  The L.L. Bean classic boat tote has nothing short of a cult following, New England and beyond.  Ranging in price from $20.95-$38.95 and best of all, are monogrammable!  Use it as a handbag, diaper bag, overnight bag, or beach bag.  I love it as a handbag during the summer- quintessential New England meets classic Olympic style!  Gold medal sweep? I think so!

3 thoughts on “Fashion Forward Friday- Gold Medal Winners

  1. great suggestions!! i especially love the vineyard vines polo reco… i’ve been looking for some that stand up to washing well. thanks!

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