How the Hell do I do This?

 Vacations for working moms are a double edged sword.  You need them badly but you pay for them dearly.  You spend the 2 weeks leading up to the glorious week off getting ready and then you need 2 weeks on the back end to catch up – and that’s despite the work you did instead of lounging on the beach, climbing a mountain, riding your bike, reading 50 Shades of Grey, or swimming in the ocean.

 My girls and I just returned from a family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard – with the new boyfriend – which worked out quite fabulously I might add.  Despite the normal family drama that ensues when you stick 13 people related to each other under one roof, it was a fun and loving trip.

And despite my musings above I actually did relax, swim in the waves, ride my bike and start reading 50 Shades of Grey (that’s another blog).

Now back from vacation a week I have to ask myself How the Hell do I do it?  Balance career, kids, family, vacation, friends, home, money, partner, hobbies and more.    While no expert am I – I do think it’s uniquely personal.

For me it’s like trying to juggle after dipping your hands in olive oil.

Every Sunday night I ponder the upcoming week.  I review my calendar, prioritize events, assess the likelihood of accomplishment, decide where I need help and ask for it, carve out a precious 4 times to workout, anticipate the girl’s spontaneous, wildly important, and completely-clueless-about-Mom’s-schedule needs, make sure every possible chore I can do to leave time free during the week is done, go to bed early and hope to wake up.

All that while understanding that things like having to go to Washington DC for an unplanned Congressional hearing the day after you get back from vacation are going to muck up your well oiled Sunday night plans adding another ball to juggle.

My gynecologist who I absolutely adore – thank goodness right?? has always said to me that women are of a higher order than their male counterparts.  And I figure who am I to argue with HIM.

One thought on “How the Hell do I do This?

  1. Great piece Bev! I agree, I think finding the right balance as a working mom is different for everyone. Sounds like you are flexible to handle anything!

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