Magical Monday: Grateful For the Ebb

There are so many post ideas spinning in my head, but my mind is a bit scrambled and I’m having trouble nailing any inspirational ideas down. I feel like I’m in a time of renewal and rest ~ it’s the “ebb” part in the ebb and flow of it all. How do you do in the ebb? Frankly, I don’t handle it very gracefully. I LOVE the flow ~ that’s when I have exciting ideas and insights, overflowing creativity, energy, playfulness, motivation. I’m interested in life, I want to cook new things, I’m up for any adventure, I’m present with my children, and I always know how to get things done.

But the ebb….oh the damn ebb. I look at things I want to do but don’t have the energy or motivation to get them done, I think food is an outright bother, I really just want to nap and read all day long, creativity is out the window, and I have zero energy. Just this morning I was sitting on my closet floor trying to muster the energy to get dressed. And here I am trying to write a Magical Monday blog post that seems to be going nowhere.

I hate the ebb. BUT I’m going to try and be grateful for it, because I KNOW it is necessary.

So even though I feel like a limp noodle in a wet puddle, I’m grateful for:

* the landscapers weeding and mulching our gardens right now. It’s already looking so nice.

* that our cleaning lady is coming today to clean our filthy house.

* that my hubby is planning on taking the afternoon off and we’re going to go swim in the river.

* that despite a very-low-energy day yesterday we all mustered the energy and playfulness to have a fantastic evening.

* good dark beer.

* grilled hamburgers and macaroni salad.

* the Fifty Shades series that I”m reading right now (and is really juicing up my love life!)

* that I was actually able to find the energy to take my doggie for a run this morning…even if I now don’t feel like moving the rest of the day.

* that despite my whining, complaining, and frustration I recognize that I live a very blessed, very wonderful, very magical life.

Share with me what you’re grateful for today…even if you feel like a limp noodle in a wet puddle. ♥

Handling the ebb…


5 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Grateful For the Ebb

  1. Things I’m grateful for today:
    Eventually I’ll get used to the ten hour workdays (eleven if you factor in lunch, thirteen including the drive to work, drive my moms after work to pick up the child, and drive home) that allow me the ability to spend another full day home with my child during the week.
    I was absolutely exhausted when I got home, but when my daughter came out of the carseat, she was all smiles. Same thing when my husband got home, she woke up and gave him a few big, all gum grins.
    Leinenkugels sunset wheat beer.
    The sound and smell of our fourth night of much needed rain coming in the open window.
    And mostly the man I married, who makes it a point to tell me how much he appreciates me every day (don’t worry, I return the favor). And the tiny little baby who is currently snuggled on his chest, creating the perfect picture of relaxed home life I crave when I’m working those ten hour days.

  2. I flow better than I ebb too although I would be awesome at the ebb part if I didn’t have a family to take care of and work scheduled in! Our lifes are so busy its so much harder to honour the ebb although that said I hit a point this week where all I could do was rest and I’m now back in the flow in wonderful magical ways. My magic is my wonderful husband honouring my ebb this weekend and taking our kids bike riding and to play tennis while I took a blissful 4hour nap!

  3. I was feeling the ebb this weekend, too. Weird that it came on a weekend, but I just could not get out of bed. My late start to the mornings just threw everything else off. Then I felt guilty that I wasn’t spending time with the kids or my husband or getting stuff done or or or . . . It’s a vicious cycle but for some reason, Monday morning motivated me again. Who knew. I’m grateful that my ebbs are few and far between because it impacts my whole family.

  4. I am grateful for a healthy family, especially our newest baby-to-be. After 4 months of bedrest due to risk of premature labor, we’ve made it to week 35! We will hopefully have our third child in just 9 more days. Thank you for this post. It’s not easy to remember to count your blessings during the “ebbs” of life but it is oh so important to do so!

  5. I so relate to your post today, lovely Kate. I suck at the ebb part myself, I feel best when I’m busy, busy and have lots of ideas. When I am in the ebb state I just feel like I’m in a complete funk. I’ve been feeling that way lately but feel better today which I’m VERY grateful for.

    *I’m so happy that after all the wonderful craziness of the past few weeks I finally feel grounded and back in my body.
    *Getting LOTS of stuff done today, stuff that I neglected a bit during our media blitz.
    *Working more and more on listening to my inner voice above all else.

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