Create it Saturday: Keepsake Bling

I loooove jewelry and I looooove my two little girls so to create something that combines them both is like hitting the jackpot! While on one of my Pinterest “expeditions” I came across this awesome idea and just tweaked it a little bit (to include both of my childrens’ thumbprints. You only need a few items to do this and it is super easy! Make one for yourself (or give one as a gift)!  I cannot wait to wear mine!

Here’s what I used:

  • Oven bake clay
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Clear sealer
  • Paintbrush
  • Jump ring
  • Necklace chain
  • Your child/childrens’ thumbs


Step 1: Make tiny little balls with the clay and then flatten them (you can use a pen or even the handle of the paintbrush)

Step 2: Press you child’s thumbprint into the clay and then use a toothpick or needle to make a hole at the top.

Step 3: Bake your pendant in the oven (follow the directions on the package of the clay – mine said 275 degrees F for 15 minutes).

Step 4: Spray paint your pendant with your metallic spray paint and let it dry.

Step 5: Paint the clear finish onto your pendant and let it dry.

Step 6: Assemble your necklace by putting the jump ring through the hole in the pendant and put it on your necklace chain.

Step 7: Put it on and feel free to brag!


Have you tried one of the Create it Saturday projects? We would love to see it so please upload a picture of your creation to our Facebook Page!


As always…happy creating!

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