Kids Create: Paint Swatch Mosaic


I was recently in Home Depot with my two year old daughter (she looooves Home Depot just like her daddy!), determined to pick a new paint color for my living room, and while looking through the paint swatches an idea came to me. All these fun colors – there just has to be a fun art project waiting to happen. That’s when I had the idea of a mosaic!

I let Caroline pick out about 7 different colored paint swatches. When we got home I just cut them into random shapes and sizes (older children who know how to use scissors can do that part themselves).


Next, we picked out a piece of construction paper and Caroline got to glue her paint swatch pieces wherever she wanted! Something so basic, but let me tell you… she had a blast! The best part was that it led to a natural discussion about colors and shapes! It was educational in a fun, creative way! Check out this website with the benefits of mosaic crafts for children (including the fact that it can help improve fine motor skills) as well as some more ideas as to what can be used to create mosaics at home!

Here is the final result. It turned into more of a collage but it is beautiful nonetheless:

How you can modify for older children:

-In addition to having them cut the paint swatches themselves, you can challenge them to make a fun picture or pattern within their mosaic and fit the pieces as neatly together as possible!

Here is a website that has free mosaic patterns you can download!


I would love to see your creations! Please feel free to upload a picture of any Create it Saturday project you try yourself to our CT Working Moms facebook page so we have the pleasure of seeing how they turn out!


As always… Happy Creating!


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