Kids Create: Bubble Wrap Masterpiece

Three words… I LOVE PINTEREST!  I love perusing the website during the kids’ nap/bedtimes and always find so much inspiration from doing so! In fact, today’s Create it Saturday post comes from an idea I found on Pinterest and you can go to the website by clicking here.

What you need:

  • Paint (I used 4 different colored finger paints)
  • Paper (or canvas…depending on how fancy you want to get!)
  • Paintbrush or hands (I let Caroline use her hands because sometimes it’s just more fun to get messy!)

I put the paint in front of Caroline and let her paint the sheet of bubble wrap – the more area of the bubble wrap sheet painted the better! After she finished, we flipped over the bubble wrap sheet onto the piece of paper.

Here’s what Caroline’s masterpiece looks like:

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