What I’ve Learned From my Children

Some comments on my Letting Go post from a few weeks ago made me think a bit about what my experience being a mother has taught me. I know I tend toward the glass half empty side of things so I wanted to take a more positive spin and point out some of the things my boys have taught me.

1. I am a stronger person than I thought. I’ll post my birth stories some day, but I gave birth naturally both times because my labor and deliveries were so fast. I never thought I’d be able to do that.

2. The rewards of hard work are totally worth it. I’ve watched Max practice things like sitting up as an infant and stacking blocks for hours and hours, weeks and weeks. The day that he was finally able to do it on his own (three years later in the case of stacking blocks) I experienced pure joy. Seeing how easily things came to his younger brother made Max’s efforts all the more powerful and made me realize how hard he had been working.

3. Children learn at their own pace…and it has nothing to do with their parents. I try my best not to compare either one of my kids to others in their age groups; not something I would have done before Max. It doesn’t matter how old they are when they achieve a particular skill…just that they are on the right track and learning the proper steps. Children really are brilliant, aren’t they?

4. Every day is a new day. I started learning this when we first got a puppy. He would do things like chew up our glasses or make scratches in the door and drive me batty, but the next morning, all of that was forgotten. Same goes with my kids. We might have a rough night, but that early morning cuddle or “Hi Mama!” makes all the previous day’s struggles forgotten.

5. Music is magical. It can bring a smile to anyone’s face at the most needed times.

6. I am a perfectionist. I view this as a fault not a strength and work every day to change it. I can’t stand to have a messy house and this gets in the way of playing with my kids sometimes. My kids are teaching me that I have to let go of having everything in its place.

7. Unconditional love. Much like #4, my kids love me, and each other no matter what happened the day before or even earlier that day. I do not take this for granted. I know I make mistakes, but they forgive me much faster than I forgive myself. Same goes for my husband.

8. Be brave. My children handle everything that comes their way with utter bravery. They are nervous, I can tell, but always try new things (except food!) and adapt to new situations.

Best buddies no matter what.

What important lessons have your children taught you?

One thought on “What I’ve Learned From my Children

  1. This was just beautiful and do inspiring. I am so jealous of your births and would LOVE to hear your story.

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