Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommas (and hey, if you’re a momma-to-be we count you too!). Take some time to enjoy yourself today. My post today is a special treat for the CTWorkingMoms.com bloggers. Below, I’ve listed 3 things I value about each of them and in some cases, was able to get their husbands to add in their own comments. From me to all of you – thank you for sharing your experiences as a working-mom with our readers. Every post you write connects with someone in this world, and that’s an amazing thing.

xoxo – Michelle

Christa Allard

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You are one of the best listeners I’ve ever met.
  • You are incredibly trustworthy.
  • You are my favorite person in the world to text message, and you return them in the middle of the night when we’re both up with the babies.

Message from your husband ♥:


Christa put her body, health, career, sleep, and a portion of her sanity on hold to create a family that has changed my life forever. I can’t possibly sacrifice as much as she has for us, all I can do is support her as a mother and business owner in any way I can.


I’m thankful for her continual efforts to make me a better person. All progress I’ve made as a person since we met can be credited to her. Any regression is totally my fault.


Our personalities are so compatible that it’s just plain stupid. I’ve always been grateful for this, but when I started seeing pieces of Christa’s personality in our daughter, Nora, I realized just how lucky I am. They are my girls and I couldn’t be happier that I’m the one they share their lives with.

Sarah Bernhardson

3 Things I Value About You:

  • I’ve only known you for a short time and yet I adore you in so many ways.
  • You have one of the best sense’s of humor of anyone I have ever met, period.
  • You are so supportive of those around you, and it means so much to all of us.

Message from your husband ♥:

As you say, it’s not hard to think of 3 things… harder actually to pick just three, but here’s a sampling of the first things I thought of:

1 – Carrying two large boys to nearly full term, which I know was rough before, during, and after delivery… also, agreeing to stop at two, even though I know Sarah would want another if she could guarantee it was a girl.

2 – Being the organizer in the family, masterfully coordinating numerous, often conflicting, schedules and reminding me of all the occasions I would otherwise forget.

3 – Generally helping me be a better dad, while not interfering with the father-son dynamics.

 Joy Bohn

3 Things I Value About You:

  • Your raw honesty, it comes across in your posts and is so important.
  • You are incredibly kind, thoughtful and considerate.
  • You’re always thinking of new ways to get the word out about what we do – and it means a lot.

Carly Corrigan

3 Things I Value About You:

  • Again, I’ve only known you for a short period of time and yet feel like we are in some way kindred spirits.
  • Your creativity – it’s truly amazing and I’m constantly impressed by you.
  • Our emails – I love always getting emails from you (I’ll let it slide that I haven’t gotten many lately because hey, you did just have a baby)

Message from your husband ♥:

3 things I am most thankful for….

1. Because it is so fresh in my mind, for giving me my two beautiful daughters…

2. Always being supporting and loving in hard times and good times.

3. For letting me be me and still continue to love me…

Sarah Bourne

3 Things I Value About You:

  • I’m secretly jealous of your sense of style! You are one well-dressed and hip momma!
  • You are very loyal and dedicated to the people you love.
  • You are incredibly intelligent and it comes across in every single one of your posts.

Message from your husband ♥:

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, here are a few reasons why I love, respect and am thankful for my wife —mother of two children (with a third on the way):

  1. She works really hard at being a mom and at her job. Let me emphasize that again: she works hard. And I don’t fully appreciate the effort she puts in every single day. I should.
  2. Man, she loves our girls so much. It’s incredible. It’s so freaking powerful.
  3. She makes sure we carve time out of our busy life for just the two of us. I love her as my wife, I love her as a mom, but I also love those brief moments when it’s just the two of us. Like it was before marriage and kids. Us against the world.
  4. She doesn’t take any of my shit.

Happy Mother’s Day baby!

Sofia Drew

3 Things I Value About You:

  • Your enthusiasm is contagious.
  • We went to high school together but weren’t very close, and now we’re back together and I’m so happy about that!
  • I really appreciate your honesty – every post you write is REAL.

Melanie Dunn

3 Things I Value About You:

  • I hope this doesn’t sound creepy but I feel connected to you in some way.
  • You’re honest about how you feel and what you go through, that is so important.
  • You are very kind, generous and compassionate.

Message from your husband ♥:

Thank you, Melanie, for…

1. … putting our family’s needs first. Life can be crazy for new parents, but your selflessness and devotion make the challenges surmountable.

2. … being an outstanding role model for our daughter. Mackenzie is extremely lucky to have such a strong female influence to grow up with. It’s comforting to know that she has the benefit of your example now, during her most impressionable years, and forever.

3. … loving me the way you do. As I said to our close friends and family the night before our wedding, you make me want to be the best person I can be. During these years since then, you’ve helped me grow more than I thought possible. I look forward to many more years of my character being nurtured by your love.

Danielle A. Elwood

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You are a firecracker!
  • You are someone who gets stuff DONE.
  • You are always happy and willing to help me figure stuff out, I really appreciate that.

Message From Your Hubby ♥:

I would like to say that I am thankful for my wife bearing my 3 wonderful children. I am also thankful for her being able to stay home and deal with them while I am at work. I know how frustrating things can be for her and she deals with it day in and day out. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have my 3 blessings. I am also thankful for the fact that she tries hard to keep everyone else happy in the family before she tries to make herself happy.

Dena Fleno

3 Things I Value About You:

  • There was a period in time where I was closer with your hubby, and now I wish I had gotten to know you a LOT earlier! You rock.
  • You make a fabulous movie date, one of the best dare I say.
  • You are totally honest, open, loving and compassionate and I feel like I can talk to you about anything.

Message from your husband ♥:

Three things I am thankful for about my wife Dena:

She is Confident: Dena knows who she is and is confident. She’s a strong woman not only capable of defending herself but willing to stand up for others.

She is Honest, Loyal and Dedicated: Dena is honest, loyal and dedicated to the family. Nothing comes before her family.

She is Creative and Talented: Dena is amazing in the kitchen. For example, try to think of a cake that would be nearly impossible to make – one that seemingly could only be made on one of those crazy gourmet cake shows – and Dena will do it. She won’t just do it though, she’ll go further, and despite you not asking will figure out a way to make the cake predict the weather.

Jillian Gilchrest

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You are so passionate about everything you do in life that it inspires me.
  • You are my first close friend to have a baby and were such a great role model to me in showing me what it’s really like to be a new-mom.
  • You are always honest with me and it’s been so absolutely wonderful to see you grow over the past 6 years of knowing you.

Patty Girard

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You got me HOOKED on roasting veggies (I’m not kidding).
  • You are so thoughtful, kind, loving and willing to help. You driving all the way to my house the night before the tag sale to drop stuff off after your kids went to bed meant so much to me.
  • You are a terrific writer – every post you write comes across to elegant and sophisticated, even if it’s about missing socks.

Message from your husband ♥:

Mother’s Day, I am thankful for my wife for many other reasons as a “wife” but on mother’s day, a day to celebrate mother’s, I personally celebrate my wife as mother for the following reasons:

She’s compassionate towards our kids. Her ability to soothe my children’s hearts and mind after a boo-boo is something I’m grateful for and a skill set I completely lack.

Her teachings of caring and thoughtfulness She has already passed on to our children.

Her organization, each day the children’s outfits are laid out, lunches packed , spare clothes, blankets for school; It ‘s all packed. If it was left to me the blanket or the spare clothes would not make it . Even with signing the children up for extra activities . If this was left to me the children would probably not be doing any extra activities

Gena Golas

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You have a really fabulous positive energy about you, that comes right from your soul.
  • You are compassionate, non-judgemental and always willing to help others.
  • You are a self-starter and inspire me in many ways.

Message from your husband ♥:

Wow, I guess picking only three things I’m thankful for about my wife is harder than I thought! Here goes anyway..

– I’m perhaps most thankful for the unwavering support Gena gives me. Whether it’s regarding my professional aspirations, or our personal lives together, life’s challenges always seem easier to overcome as a team.

– She’s not high maintenance! No hours of prep to go out somewhere. Jeans and sneakers or a dress and heels, Gena is comfortable and herself.

– And third, shes a pastry chef!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise, being married to a talented chef definitely has its advantages!

Melissa Bengtson Muszynski

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You’ve got a great sense of humor!
  • You would do anything for those you care about in the drop of a hat. If only there were more people with that quality.
  • You aren’t afraid to ask questions and are always there to help out others.

Message from your husband ♥:

3 things I appreciate:

1: Her love-the passion and love that she shares with those around her. It is the ability to make it seem that you both are the only two people in the world.

2: Her energy and drive-the ability to take on any task, no matter how impossible, and succeed with greatness.

3: For saying “I do” and beginning a family together with Maddie.

Mary Grace Peak

3 Things I Value About You:

  • I really value your opinions and advice, not just about mommyhood but about everything.
  • You are so open and so honest about things.
  • You are a great friend, are super smart and are very driven.

Message from your husband ♥:

Three things he appreciates:

1.) I appreciate that Mary Grace always holds me to higher standards than I might hold myself.

2) I appreciate that she is so diligent about finding the best ways for us to feed, clothe and care for Mia.

3) I am happy that she loves Mia so much.

Kris-Ann Race

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You fight fiercely for those you love.
  • We’ve only known each other for a short time but I feel like we were meant to be friends.
  • You are really intelligent and committed to being a voice for moms with special needs children.

Message from your husband ♥:

I appreciate my wife Kris-Ann more than I can describe in words, but if forced to summarize, I am thankful for:

  1. Her passion towards making the world a better place — whether it be improving education, being conscious of our health and environment or living more simply. She teaches me and our children A LOT about how to live a better life and how to make an impact on the world. You can see her influence in our children and that gives me pride and hope for becoming fine young men.
  2. Her advocacy on behalf of our kids. I think she feels lost and helpless about many things surrounding health and education, but I see the opposite. She has such a strong connection to and understanding of our children and she fights for what she believes is best for them. I think she often mistakes being relentless in pursuing what’s right (and sometimes taking time to get to what’s right) with not knowing what to do or feeling like she’s not getting results. She’s stronger than she gives herself credit for and she’s accomplishing far more than she knows.
  3. Having a best friend and true partner who shares the same vision for the life we want to live and enjoy. She values time and experiences with friends and family above all else and I’m thankful for the memories we’ve made and the memories still to come.

Katie Schunk

3 Things I Value About You:

  • Instead of referring to friends as pals, you refer to us as “sexy.” For instance, your emails being with “Hey sexy.” And guess what? That makes me feel sexy! 😛
  • You are absolutely hilarious. For real.
  • You are totally real, totally upfront and at the same time incredibly sweet, kind and compassionate.

Message from your husband ♥:

This may sound corny but I’m thankful for my wife and not just a thing or two she does for me and our family but everything she does and is, I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. The first six or seven years we were together I was waiting for her to come home and tell me she had found someone better, maybe smarter, richer, or better looking because I know she could. Then a couple of years ago I stopped worrying about it but not because I figured out any sort of answer but because I realized I never would. So I am thankful for my wife Katherine Elizabeth Schunk and everything she does and is. Happy first mothers day babe! I love you!

Marie Schweitzer

3 Things I Value About You:

  • I so appreciate the supportive emails you’ve sent me over the past year.
  • You have so much enthusiasm for life that it rubs off of me!
  • You somehow always know about the coolest stuff (the beaba, birch box etc.)!

Message from your husband ♥:

Three things I like (love) about my wife on her first mother’s day are:

-She has maintained her wedding day figure.

-The way she enjoys nurturing Jake’s curiosity through every day learning.

-She is embraced motherhood, while maintaining her personality and not turning into the stereotypical “mom”.

Kate Street

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You love everyone, like actually really do love everyone.
  • Your ability to find the positive and turn negative things into positives is absolutely amazing. Few people have those qualities.
  • Every single time I think about you I smile. I’m not kidding. Just thinking about you brightens my mood.

Message from your husband ♥:

I appreciate…

  • How Kate ALWAYS tries to reserve time for me at the end of the day so we can be together and talk, and other fun stuff. My best friend.
  • How she is ALWAYS supportive of me, our kids, and our family’s needs–BUT is still able to ask for help for her own time as well. “happy wife, happy life!”
  • She likes my cooking and good beer. Always a PLUS and key to my heart.

Stephanie Wright

3 Things I Value About You:

  • You make everyone around you feel good about themselves (me included).
  • You are courageous, honest and big-hearted.
  • You make me feel better about drinking wine 😉

Message from your husband ♥:

Thank you –

1) for marrying me.

2) for two beautiful children.

3) for having the answers when I don’t.

Each of our bloggers is unique and special in her own way. Take a second this Mother’s Day to show them some love in the comments section. And again, Happy Mommas Day to you!


12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Thank you Michele for putting this together, and for the added surprise of what you wrote! You are the best movie date I have ever had! Whether it’s cheesy teen movies or serious dramas I know I’ll have a good time and not feel stupid if I cry! I cherish the support you give each of us to be awesome bloggers, and that you push us to be better without being pushy! I could go on, but then hubby might think we are having an affair, so I will just say Happy Mommas Day to you and all the other ladies here!

  2. YOU are one amazing lady, who truly embodies the word selfless. Thank you for this beautiful post and for all the hardwork and dedication you pour into this site. You truly do make this world a better place!

  3. Just lovely and wonderful! Like YOU Michelle. You are amazing thoughtful, warm, and loving! Happy Mama’s Day! Thank you for this specialness today. ♥♥♥

  4. Thank you for this, Michelle. You are a blessing. And trust me, I don’t say that often. 😉 xo

  5. What a fabulous Mother’s Day surprise! Thank you so much for doing this Michelle. You have no idea how great it made me feel to read the things that you and my husband had to say about me. Especially today when I’m feeling particularly frumpy! You are such a wonderful mother, a visionary, and an advocate for women everywhere! Thank you and enjoy your special day!

  6. I so, so loved this post. Thank you, Michelle, for making us feel so special, not just today but every day!

    And what do I love about you? Your unwavering friendship. I could (and do) tell you anything and feel completely supported and loved. There’s seriously nothing that’s TMI between us. And you’re not afraid to let me know when you disagree with me – we all need that friend who will tell it to us straight, and know that they’ll still always be there no matter what. Your friendship and love mean everything to me! Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. Awww Michelle! You are amazing for putting this together! I could easily list many things things I value about you, but here are three: You manage to do it ALL- run the website, work full time, and raise a beautiful daughter without compromising anything on any front….you are accepting of all without judgment…you are so supportive of others selflessly! Thank you, and hope you’re having a happy (and restful!) mother’s day. 🙂

  8. Thanks Michelle for taking the time to work on this 🙂 The comments have melted my heart! I’m so lucky to be a part of this amazing group of women. Happy mothers day girls! Rock it 🙂

  9. Oh my god this is amazing! I am so thankful for you Michelle! And for all of of our supportive husbands! I about melted reading their entries! I love all of you, you make my crazy, busy life that much more fun. Happy mothers day to my sexy momma’s! (I say it cause you are all so damn sexy)

  10. Very creepy, Michelle. LOL I AM TOTALLY JUST KIDDING! I know what you mean about connection; I think we have a lot of similarities. So, I notice you’re not up here with comments from hubby? Here are my three things I value about you: (1) You have an entrepreneurial mindset that I would really like to learn how to incorporate into my own personality – you seem to dream up ideas and then actually execute them, which is where most people move on instead; (2) you have natural leadership qualities – it takes a certain kind of character to be able to rally the troops; (3) you are extroverted enough to be engaging and approachable in social situations, but I bet you have a side that appreciates the quieter moments as well – that is a nice duality to have – did I get that one right? 🙂

  11. Reading this is such a sweet way to start my mothers day! Michelle, thank you for taking the time to put this together and make each of us feel special! Now I would like to say 3 things I admire about our lovely Michelle:

    1. It is amazing how she is able to put in 100% effort into this website while working full time
    and still be an amazing wife and mother!

    2. Her open mind to taking risks and trying new ideas (taking me on as a blogger falls under this category!)

    3. Her huge heart ~ CT Working Moms exists because she cares deeply for her fellow woman and mother and wanted there to be an all in one resource a mom could go to that would not only have valuable info but realize they are not alone!

    Happy Mothers Day Michelle! We love you and all you do!

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