Give Us a Gift!

Hello lovely readers! We adore you, have we told you that lately?

Everything you read on this blog is contributed by volunteers. Yes, somehow we each find time (usually once the kids are sleeping and we’re in pjs with a glass of wine in hand) to blog, do our full-time jobs and hang out with family and friends. I often have no idea how we make it happen, but we do and it’s a beautiful thing (we think anyways!).

On Mother’s Day we’ll be giving out a surprise gift to anyone who wants one (come back on Mother’s Day for details!) and we have some other projects in the works. In order for us to make our ideas become realities we need the support of you, our readers. We hope you will consider supporting us by making a donation (oh how awesome, I sense you’re going for your wallet right now!).

You can donate online, securely, using paypal. Please consider donating an amount of your choosing to help us do more community outreach. Thank you!

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