A Giveaway – Just Because!

So, Monday’s generally stink don’t they? Let’s brighten up this one by giving something away – because winning a contest always makes you feel better right?!

This is a quick one so get your comments in ASAP. Winner will be chosen tomorrow morning at 8 AM. That means you have less than 14 hours!

We are giving away two terrific books.

The first book is called, “Top 100 Baby Purees” and is written by Annabel Karmel.

And the second is from Working Mother Media (love them!). They came out with the Working Mom Survival Guide and we will hook one lucky winner up with it!

Leave a comment on this post to try to win! Winner will be notified right here on the site tomorrow morning at 8 AM!

10 thoughts on “A Giveaway – Just Because!

  1. Yes, PLEASE! With baby number 2 due in about 5 weeks, an across country move back to CT between now and then, and a sick husband I could really use some love this week!

  2. Would love the working mom book! We had a tough Monday today-my daughter and I are both home sick with hand, foot and mouth disease.

  3. I would love these books.  We just started solids, and I’ve been making his food, and balancing work is always hard.  Thanks!

  4. I can really use a prize this week!  Are the books heavy?  (especially the survival guide!!)….after throwing it at my ex and hopefully knocking him out cold, I will thoroughly enjoy reading every min of this one!  😉  

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