Kids Create: Experimenting with Finger Paint

Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, most children LOVE getting their hands dirty! My daughter is definitely one of those kids (although she will choose to wipe off whatever is on her hands on someone else (me) rather than on her own clothes…)

I thought it would be fun for her to experiment a little with her finger paint. Sure she has used regular finger painting paper… but what about aluminum foil or even wax paper? It will not only feel different but will look different as well. A little sensory stimulation! Caroline had a great time and it provided the opportunity to use descriptive words like shiny, clear, colorful, dots, etc.

Here are some pictures of Caroline’s finger painting “adventure!”

First, aluminum foil…



Next, wax paper…


The end result:

Take it a step further…

Of course you can hang these beautiful works of art on the fridge. OR you can use them to make some very cute cards (Mother’s Day is coming up and what grandmother wouldn’t cherish a home-made card from their grandchild??)  You can cut out shapes (such as a heart or flower) and paste it onto the front of a piece of folded card stock or construction paper.

Another idea (and my favorite) is to take a piece of folded plain paper or card stock and cut out the chosen shape so there is an opening in the front. Then cut a piece of the finger paint art that fills that space and tape it on the inside so that from the front the heart (or whatever shape you cut out) is filled with the finger painting that your child did!



2 thoughts on “Kids Create: Experimenting with Finger Paint

  1. Great idea.
    Another thing I have read you can do with their art work like this is cut out shapes, flower pedals for example, and paste them on a solid color painted canvas. You then can hang it only the wall.

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