Inside the Mind of a Three Year Old

I keep a journal for each of my daughters. I try to write in each of theirs weekly, but sometimes it turns to bi-weekly, or even monthly. I comment on developmental milestones, family events, current events, or funny things that they have done or said. I love looking back and reading over my entries from when they were newborns, when I was stressed that they were not rolling over or sitting up fast enough.

Recently, I was re-reading entries from when my oldest daughter first turned three. I have a wonderful collection of thoughts, questions, and wisdom that she has imparted on me, and I feel compelled to share:

  • I’m going to marry Marcus…he’s the line leader, and that’s a really great job.
  • I like your singing Mom, you sound just like Rihanna.
  • Boys CAN marry boys and girls CAN marry girls.
  • Can Princesses get diarrhea?
  • Can Princesses who live in a castle get diarrhea?
  • If Cameron (her younger sister) keeps being so grumpy she’s going to have to live in a crappy house with strangers. **Yes, apparently my three year old uses the word “crappy”.
  • Does cheese come from a cow’s vagina?
  • Does milk come from a cow’s bum-bum?
  • Udders..oh yes, the booby things.
  • Boys can wear jewelry, my Uncle D wears LOTS of jewelry!
  • Some people aren’t born, they are made.
  • Being the big sister is better than being the little sister.
  • Frog, tadpole, egg. Frog, tadpole, egg, that’s the circle of life, I learned that in science.
  • Trash helper is not the best job.
  • Sometimes you need privacy when you poop.
  • I know there is a baby in there,  but HOW did it get in there?
  • Someday I want Kiki, from the Fresh Beat Band, to pick me up at school.

I continue to be amazed at how much I learn from my daughters on a daily basis. They are full of wonderful thoughts, opinions and the constant barrage of questions! What are some of the funniest things your children have said to you?

11 thoughts on “Inside the Mind of a Three Year Old

  1. I do the same thing but document them on my blog. Here are some of the best ones from my now three-and-a-half-year-old:

    — At the grocery store, he said several times that he wanted to drink from the “wountain fodder.” (That would be the water fountain.)
    — “I don’t like any food or anything. I like books. That’s it.”
    — “I’ll give you a hug but I can’t kiss you because I have hangnail lip.” (He’s saying his lips are chapped.)
    — “Fart drat seagulls!” (No idea what this means or why he said it except just as a general exclamation, but it’s totally my new swear word.)
    — “Oh drop, I need a book.” (He uses this one like “Oh, snap!”)
    — “Mama, I have something to tell you. Chipmunks? They sting you. They come out in the daytime and they sting you.”
    — “What a mime talking about?!” (“What am I talking about?”)
    — Daddy: “Why does Daddy always pick up [your brother]?” Him: “Because you’re a sucka.”
    — “Whatever I touch turns to snow in my crotch.” (Mispronouncing a song lyric from “The Year Without a Santa Claus” to extreme comedic effect. It’s actually, “turns to snow in my CLUTCH.”)

  2. I try to do this because a friend recommended that I keep a journal of things I want to remember but I am really bad at doing it when the memories are fresh and then I can’t remember the cute things that were said. You have just inspired me to make sure that I make an effort because this is sure to be a treasured keepsake. I love the crappy house comment. Too funny.

    The other day on the way home, Addison told me that her belly says he’s hungry for ice cream. Also, tonight, I asked her what the best thing about Scooby is and she said, “barking.” I laughed because that is probably my least favorite thing about him, that and the dog poo. Another funny comment that comes to mind is when Addison turned on her sister’s humidifier and said, “want some air Pait?”

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. hahahahahhahaha!!! This is AWESOME. I love this idea…and I am definitely going to borrow it with my boys. HA! 🙂 Thanks!!

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