Kids Create: Handprint Giraffe

In my last Create it Saturday post I mentioned the giraffe theme I am going for with the nursery. I came across a very cute idea for a giraffe handprint creation. I loved the idea of doing this art project with my daughter and then putting it up in her sister’s nursery! I thought this would also make her feel like she helped decorate her sister’s room!

What you will need (not much!):

  • paint (I just used acrylic paint – washes off hands easily enough. Choose whatever colors you want. I stuck with yellow, green and brown)
  • paper (I chose to use a thin canvas-type paper since I’m planning on framing this for the wall but any paper will do)
  • paintbrush (small)
  • magazine or newspaper page (optional for background texture effect)

What To Do (Keep in mind my daughter is only 2. The older the child the more they will want to do/contribute to the picture!):

  • Paint the background with the color (I chose green) and while it was still wet I crumpled up a page out of a magazine and blotted the background. This creates a cool texture/look.
  • After the background was dry (really did not take longer than 10-15 minutes) I used a paintbrush to paint my daughter’s hand with yellow paint and had her make a handprint on the paper.
  • I created a neck and head extending from the handprint using the same yellow color. I also filled in some parts of the hand print with more yellow paint to darken it up.
  • Paint on the giraffe’s brown spots.
  • Add the details (hooves, fur on tip of tail, the mane, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, etc.)
  • Since I am planning to frame this as wall art for the nursery I painted some other details as well such as the large tree and the word “giraffe.”
  • Last step – admire how cute it is!

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