Easy Weeknight Chicken Peanut Sauce Wraps

So I heard a commercial for a new sandwich while driving to work for some place and thought – hey I can do something similar for a quick easy dinner.

VOILA! Easy Weeknight Chicken Peanut Sauce Wraps

I used:

  •  Boneless Chicken Tenderloins – (I used 8 frozen ones )
  • Few slices of Onion
  • Thai Peanut Sauce – (1/4 cup)
  • Squeeze of Wasabi Sauce (cause my Hubby likes a little spice)
  • Lettuce, Cucumber and a small Sweet pepper
  • Wraps
  • Cream Cheese

Cooked Onions down a little and added Chicken into pan with a little garlic olive oil ,salt and pepper till cooked.  Then shredded  / cut Chicken into small pieces.









In the meantime while that cooked I shredded some lettuce , sliced the pepper and sliced cucumbers (I think I made mine too thin – I will go with a slightly thicker slice for more crunch next time).




In a bowl I combined the 1/4 cup Peanut sauce (approximately I didn’t measure) and a squeeze of Wasabi paste and blended til creamy.   Now if it were just the Hubby and I eating, I would have tossed the chicken into it – but since little man was also eating dinner I left it separate to drizzle into our wrap shell or over lettuce or dipping sauce – you get the idea.



Combine all into a wrap, Burrito shell or similar and I added a swipe of cream cheese and it was YUMMMMMMMY!

I also made Kale as a side dish cooked down with some chicken stock,  cider vinegar (about 2 cap fuls), a handful of craisins and simmer till tender. 

* Note – I wouldn’t mix these flavor combinations again… but little man did eat some tucked inside his mini cut in half wrap with chicken (minus the peanut sauce for him)





I really liked the Chicken wrap with the Peanut Thai sauce and the cream cheese and cucumbers really added to it and it’s something that can be added to with many other ingredients and was relatively easy and fast for a week night dinner and in the end that is reallly what matters – Oh yeah and tasting good too.


sorry I forgot a final picture I was too hungry 🙂

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