A Day in the Life of a Working Mom: Carly

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the “A Day in the Life of a Working Mom” series and thought it would be fun to do one of my own. Plus it might help you get to know me a little better seeing as how I’m the new kid on the block!

Today is Wednesday. Almost half-way through the work week (silent cheer)! This is my day from beginning to end.

2:38am – Up to pee (story of a pregnant woman’s life). Tried unsuccessfully to fall back asleep. Have you seen the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Sarah Jessica Parker?  I can relate to the main character (played by Parker) who lays in bed at night creating her list of things to do. I found myself mentally creating a list of to-do’s at 3:00am. Ick… *On a side note I do recommend renting this movie. I mean, it’s no “Sex and the City” but if you’re looking for a cute movie to watch and you have some spare time… haha… spare time. That’s funny.

Dozed back into dreamland sometime after 3:10am

5:33am –  I hear a little voice over the monitor. Caroline’s talking to herself.  Very cute but mommy is still very tired! She’s pretty content so I decide to steal a few more minutes of much needed sleep.

5:55am – First sound of the alarm. That dreadful beep. Hubby hits the snooze.

6:05am – snooze button again

6:15am – Ok, ok! We’re up. And running late. This should make for an interesting morning. The morning routine begins and Jim goes upstairs to get change Caroline’s diaper and get her dressed. I get a sippy cup of milk and some yogurt ready on her highchair to tide her over until she eats breakfast at daycare.

6:28am – Jim brings Caroline downstairs… in tears. (I’m not a morning person either!) I still get my morning hug though and the tears subside. While she enjoys her yogurt, I quickly try to get ready for work. Getting dressed has become more of a challenge these days. Being eight months pregnant now my choices (aka what fits) are limited. No time for the curling iron or hair straightener this morning. Pony tail it is!

6:40am – I hear, “Mommy! All done!” come from the other room and this is what I find.


 I clean her up and let her have a turn with the wet towel so she can “help” clean up her mess too.

6:43am – We brush our teeth. Caroline uses her Dora toothbrush first and then I have a turn to “get the spots she missed.”

6:48am – 6:53am – time for shoes and coat. It’s a bit of a struggle this morning. She wanted no part of it. Mommy (with some help from Daddy) won that battle.

6:55am – Kisses and hugs for Daddy and we are finally out the door! (Quite the accomplishment this morning)… Buckled and ready to go!

I always enjoy our car rides together. It usually consists of lots of talking. Caroline likes to point out the buses and jeeps (now that Daddy has one she can spot one a mile away) and repeating things I say. I got a chuckle this morning when we saw a bull-dozer. She tried repeating the word but insisted it was a “big dozer!” That little girl always knows how to put a smile on my face!

7:10am – Pit-stop at Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee. I knew it was going to cause me to arrive at work a few minutes late but it was so worth it!

7:18am – We arrive at daycare (which is actually Jim’s Aunt who runs a home daycare). We really feel lucky to have a family member take care of Caroline. It’s also nice that other family members periodically stop by as well! I get my big hug and kiss goodbye and I am off to work.

7:34 – I arrive at the office. Here’s my workspace. Nothing thrilling! Of course I’ve got lots of pictures of my little cutie!


Time to get ready for my day!

3:48pm – Leave work to go pick up Caroline. Normally Jim does the pick-ups but he has to stay late today to work with some students after school (he’s a high school tech ed. teacher).

4:00pm – Pick up Caroline from daycare. She’s playing outside when I get there and I’m greeted with a big smile!

4:15pm – Arrive home and the first thing Caroline does is check the mail

and then she wants to go in her swing in the tree in our front yard.

It’s beautiful outside so we do this until Daddy gets home on his motorcycle (or cycle-el as Caroline calls it).

4:30 – 5:40pm – we play outside. First in the sandbox…

and then she helps Daddy wash his motorcycle. She’s in charge of spraying the hose and wow does she get soaked!

5:40pm – We go inside to change into some dry clothes and head off to McDonald’s. No judging please… I was in no mood to start cooking, tired, and very hungry. Those golden arches were the answer to my prayer!

6:00 – 6:50pm – chow time! I guess we worked up an appetite… Caroline gobbled down her entire Happy Meal and still had room for a vanilla cone!

7:00pm – I take a shower  while daddy gets Caroline ready for bed (pajamas, brush teeth). I tend to shower at night to give myself that extra time in the morning.

7:15pm – 7:30pm  Caroline hugs and kisses her daddy goodnight and we go upstairs to her bedroom. She gets to pick out two books to read together. We read the books, giggle, say our goodnight prayer and I tuck her in for bed.

I get my hugs and kisses and walk downstairs. She’s out like a light only a few minutes after I walk downstairs.

7:30pm – I whip out the paints/paintbrushes and finish the painting of a train I had been working on for my friend’s son for his birthday party this weekend.

8:15-9:00pm – finally a chance to spend some time with my husband. We watch TV while I fold the laundry he washed. Now that’s teamwork right?

9:00 – 10:00pm – I decide to go on the computer, catch up on a few things I wanted to do. You know, important things like pinterest (I’ll admit – I love it! I’ve gotten such great ideas and it helps keep me organized!)

10:00 – 10:20pm – I get myself ready for bed, turn the news on (timer set) and drift off to sleep so I can do it all over again tomorrow! Goodnight!

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Working Mom: Carly

  1. The painting is amazing. You are an amazing mom and friend. Feel so special that the painting was for my son. Loved reading about your day. You guys are very organized. I’m super impressed!

  2. Such an awesome post- exactly the day in the life of a mom!!!! No worries about dinner- those golden arches save my days too 🙂

  3. Loved reading about your day! The first thing I do when I get home is check the mail, it’s one of my favorite things to do so your little girl is a kid after my heart!!

    You are one busy, strong & awesome momma!!

    Oh, and this is a judgement free zone. I think every parent has brought their kid(s) to the golden arches at some point!

  4. You’re EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT?!!! You certainly don’t sound like it! Seriously Sister, I’m in AWE! Great painting by the way. And also, you NEVER have to worry about judgment here ~ one of my confessions in one of my posts was how we have McD’s about once a month and really, really, really enjoy it! 😉 Lovely to read about your day.

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