Toys Made for Kids are Safe…right?

For those of you who know me, you already know I feel pretty strongly about the excessive use of chemicals in our every day products. I recently spoke at a press conference about the use of a toxic chemical called tris in children’s products. I KNOW to be critical of what’s used in the products I’m giving my child, and yet…

I was at our fellow blogger Christa’s house (sorry Christa) and saw that her little babe (who is SUPER cute and just a love bug) has one of those foam playmats with the alphabet. I fell in LOVE with it. I wanted it so badly for my little girl that I used my Babie’s-r-us gift card to get the same exact one. I went right home, set it up and the baby loved it. As did I. Then, just two days later, she figured out how to pick up the individual pieces of the mat and chew on them. My husband literally came running from the other room saying “don’t let her put that in her mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!”

What did I say? I actually said, “it’s made for babies, it must be safe.” The second those words came out of mouth I could hear how ridiculous I sounded. Because of the advocacy work I’ve done, I know better, and yet my immediate reaction was, ‘well of course it’s safe’. My husband then looked up online the reviews of this particular playmat and found that it has already been banned in Europe because it leaches ammonia and a formamide, a known toxic chemical.

Here’s more from the article he found:

“According to Test Achat and other news reports, formamide is harmful to reproduction and fetal development in addition to being an eye and skin irritant. It turns out the mats – especially new ones – emanate various toxins including ammonia and the said formamide. As you can imagine, babies and toddlers are particularly vulnerable to begin with, are right on top of these things and tend to put everything in their mouths.”

To say I was pissed is an understatement. I had already thrown out the packaging and the receipt so right away we dumped this playmat in the trash (no hopes of returning it for $$). I’ll be writing them a letter about this, for sure. It’s outrageous that companies are allowed to manufacture products for children using toxic chemicals, I mean it’s just plain OUTRAGEOUS!!

Vent over, for now. 

Here’s my babe on her toxic mat, arghhhhhhh

5 thoughts on “Toys Made for Kids are Safe…right?

  1. Not that it matters but what is the purpose in using toxins such as formamide? I’m no toy manufacturer but it seems that there must be some way to make a quality play mat without using something toxic and harmful? Or am I just being naive? (it would be more expensive to do so?). I am feeling a lump in my throat because we have one of those play mats and both of my girls have put the letters in their mouths.

  2. That is so aggravating and just plain scary! What an eye opener because I too have found myself say “If it’s made for children then it must be safe!” I guess we really do have to do our homework about EVERYTHING!

  3. Michelle, you may or may not know that I’m a big fan of conspiracy theories. I do believe this sort of thing happens ON PURPOSE. Many will think I’m crazy, but from all I’ve learned….there are malevolent forces behind such things as this (and CHILDBIRTH, while we’re at it). But this topic would need a whole ‘nother post…or BLOG actually. 😉 Good for you for writing that letter! (Have you also heard of the arsenic in some baby formulas?!) There is a BIG AWAKENING happening and EVERYONE can feel it even if they don’t know how to describe it. This sort of thing will quickly be a thing of the past.

    This has been a public service announcement… back to the regularly scheduled program. 😉

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