Anyone Need Neocate?

We went through tons of different formulas with my daughter when she was born because she had some stomach problems. As a result, we now have 6 unopened cans of Neocate formula leftover and I would love to give it to someone who really needs it. It’s ridiculously expensive because it’s for babies with allergies to pretty much everything.

Are you struggling to afford Neocate on your own? Leave a comment here and tell me why you’d like the 6 cans and I’ll pick a winner soon. The only thing I ask is that whoever gets the Neocate pays for shipping. Other than that I’m giving this to you at no cost.

8 thoughts on “Anyone Need Neocate?

  1. Great. I’d be happy to give this to you. Where do you live? Maybe to save you the shipping costs we can meet somewhere?

  2. I am a mom of twins that have not only dairy allergies but also soy and gluten. I would love to take these off your hands. Our insurance is currently not helping with our costs, and with the food prices any free cans would be a wonderful.

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