Medela Calma bottle review and Giveaway!

Attention: Scroll to the bottom to see the details about our giveaway of this product! Giveaway is open until Wed. morning.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to try a Medela Calma bottle and write a review about it.

The bottle is created to offer the same effect of a breast but in a bottle. The hope is to help mothers have an easy transition from breast to bottle with little to no confusion.

As a working mother who breast feeds this can be very important since I cherish the times we can.

At first look, the nipple is VERY different looking from the traditional nipple. It actually looks alien like but honestly my nipple after breast-feeding isn’t very hot either!

This nipple creates a vacuum and it only works if the child sucks like he does on the nipple so it doesn’t “leak” fluid or make it easier on the child.

My first great review is that the nipple can be placed on any Medela bottles which is very convenient. I pump with my freestyle Medela breast pump and love that I can take the bottle from the pump and then hook it to the nipple no problem. This is a huge plus!

When I first gave the bottle to Max he was a bit confused but this I believe is not due to the bottle but more that he was used to either my breast or a traditional bottle. So when I gave it at first he didn’t know what to do with it, but very soon he was sucking like he would with my breast.

This is the next great thing about this bottle is that it did look like he was sucking on the bottle as he does on my breast.

Once he figured it out there was no stopping my son from taking the Calma Bottle. The one slight issue I have is the size of the “nipple/opening” – it is a bit long but I think this is so they can grow into it.

The nipple can be taken apart very easily which was a plus and easily washed. The only other issue I had was with the bottle cap, it was not the most secure to put on. It doesn’t “snap” so I would be worried it could come loose since I prepare bottles of breast milk during the day for our nanny.

Overall I wish I had this bottle from the get go when we first introduced a bottle to Maximus. I think it wouldn’t have been such a problem. I had to try 3-5 different bottles before one he would use or not choke on. This would have been a no brainer for my son since it works like my nipples do.

Overall this is a wonderful product and when I have another child I will try the Medela Calma bottle first to ensure that my child has no nipple/bottle confusion. Well-done Medela for helping working mother’s like my stay on the path of breast-feeding.

Giveaway Alert!

Do you want to try this bottle?! Ladies who are expecting or have a little one, I suggest trying to win this giveaway! Leave a comment about how much you love our CT Blog creator Michelle (she is wonderful even if you do not know her) for creating this blog and one winner will be randomly selected to win a Medela Calma Bottle.

32 thoughts on “Medela Calma bottle review and Giveaway!

  1. Thank you for taking the time to try products and report back regarding their performance. The Calm a bottle seems worth trying as I am desperately attempting to get my 7 week old to nurse at the breast. I have been having to pump and bottle feed.

  2. I have to pump every hour because my daughter was diagnosed with tortocolis preventing her from breastfeeding we’ve been doing physical therapy and she’s getting so much better but she has nipple confusion and this would realy help get her back on breast I fear if she doesn’t i will dry up!!!! Thank u do much for the post it realy let me know that there is a product that can help and gave me hope again !!!

  3. My daughter in law has just blessed us with another beautiful grandson! She decided to try breast feeding, but has tried several bottles looking for an option for when she has to be away. The lactation specialist at the hospital reccommended the Calma bottles for him and they have been trying it over the past 2 days. They love it and I was looking for more info on the bottles and found this blogspot.
    Thank you for a great informational view on this product. I know we will be purchasing more Medela Calma products.

  4. I would really like to try this product. I’m a new mom to be in a month. I saw your add for calma bottles and pump in my American baby.

  5. I’m so glad to have run across this. I have a full system of Medela bottles and wanted to know if the Calma nipple fits all the bottles. Also I have a 3 week old who’s doing great with nursing but when I go back to work in April, I’d like to do what’s best for me to continue nursing her at least for a year. It would be nice to win one of these nipples since I had planned to try a few and, wow, they are pricey. Won or not, I must try this nipple for my baby. If its worth it, I’ll definitely pay for it just for my sweet little princess! Happy blogging!

  6. This review was wonderful and I am hoping to try this bottle very soon for my little girl, I am a first time mother and my daughter is now 19 weeks old I have been exclusively breastfeeding her and nobody warned me that if you wait too long to introduce a bottle the harder it will be, my husband and I have tried several different bottles including Playtex, all types, avent, dr browns, medela, nuby, nuk, and even breastflow she will not take them 😦 I want to continue breastfeeding but would like to have the option of using a bottle when I am not home, this gives me hope that perhaps my daughter will be more inclined to take a bottle with this nipple 🙂

  7. Thanks Michelle for the information provided. I had a 2 months old which I am trying so hard to breastfeed him. I had so much problems in the first months with cracked, yeast infection and mastitis. And now I need to transition him to bottle before I get back to work, I’ve tried the traditional bottle and the new Avent bottle which claim to mimic the nipples but the flow is to fast and leak that cause my son choke and wasted my breastmilk. Been reading reviews on Calma, and would love to know it would be my last solution that I won’t be wasting money on other milk bottles again. Thanks for the blog!

  8. Am not a working mom am a stay at home mom. i love taking care of my baby. baby #2 is on it’s way i would love that bottle. i breastfed my first baby. he did not like the bottle so i had to breastfeed all the time. my husband missed out on feeding our baby. i would love for my husband to be able to the new baby.

  9. I thought Carly was chosen for this already. If not I’d love to try this bottle. Michelle this is a great blog full of information and the opinions of other mommies is a great way to find things out…..

    1. Samantha – you’re right. Carly did win this. Hopefully we’ll have another Medela giveaway in the future though!

  10. I am looking into this product. my daughter was a preemie and she is almost 4 months old. we are having issues with weight gain as she is not effective enough on the breast. I have been working with the lactation nurse as I really want to nurse her like i did my other 3 kids..i am pumping and supplementing her after every BFing attempt and is gotten tiresome with 3 little ones…hoping it will help get her on the breast completely. I don’t like the slow flow nipples given as they just dribble into her mouth not teaching her anything. My other kids did fine with Avent going back and forth very easily, but they are not working for her. The medela nipple collapses and dribbles, so here is hoping this works for us. thank you!!

  11. Whoops, I know I missed the drawing for this but just wanted to take the opportunity to give a thank you to Michelle for creating and administering the blog, and inviting me to blog regularly here. It forced me to give myself an outlet for creative/non-work related writing, so for that, thanks!

  12. great blog Michelle! I am excited to try Calma. I am currently nursing my 2nd child. She has tried two other bottles/nipples but makes a mess with them both. I would love to have her try this new Medela nipple.

  13. Michelle did a great job of creating a supportive and informative community for CT women. I love the articles and camaraderie!

  14. An incredible blog created by an incredible mom! Great job Michele!!
    PS. would be saying this with or without the giveaway

  15. Hi Michelle thanks so much for this post! I have a 1 month 1/2 baby boy, and I’m exclusively breastfeeding. I tried to give him a bottle 3 times but he always chockes on it 😦 So I was looking for a solution and found this medela calm nipple and I wanted to read reviews on it! You did a great job on writting this review! Thanks 🙂

  16. Looks like a great bottle to try, im due at the end of april! 🙂

    Also, Michelle is awsome for giving us an outlet to learn and share tips!

  17. Looks like a great product for breastfeeding moms who will be pumping. It’s genius that they made the nipple fit right onto the medela bottles you pump into, that means one less bottle to wash! Michelle I love this blog and read it daily. Keep up the good work!

  18. looks like a great product , i want to try it so bad but dont want to shell out 18 dollars plus shipping, my son is a few months and he hates bottles, i had to quit my job because he wont take a bottle hopefully this will work 🙂

  19. I would love to try the new calma bottle my little one is having trouble latching an this might just be the perfect way to get her back to breast feeding…. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for making this blog I’m sure we all appreciate it.

  20. I love this blog, thanks Michelle (as well as the other contributors). I’m from WA but I read this blog anyway because it offers exactly what I want…info from MOMS who actually try different things and review them, that’s what I love the most about this blog. It’s a lifesaver…ok maybe not a lifesaver but DEFINITELY a time saver and gives a little normality to me stuck here in WA “everything should be the same, nothing new, stay home with your kids” land. I would LOVE to win the Calma bottle as I often have a problem with engorged breasts and still push on with the breastfeeding. It would be great cuz I can pump and give my baby the milk with the calma bottle without the fear of nipple confusion. As a first time mom I worry about most everything haha and this would definitely take away some of that worry.

  21. Thanks for a great blog Michelle. I always find something interesting on here.
    I would love to win this for my little one that is due in under a month. I ‘boobed’ (according to my older children) all of my other kids and this bottle looks like it would help me out by having someone other than me give the baby my breast milk. Thanks again for such a great blog and for a chance to win such a great giveaway 🙂

  22. Thanks Michelle! What a great product… I would love to try using it. I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant right now & I really think this would help me stick with breast feeding. I found it kind of challenging with my first daughter but am determined to stick it out this time!

      1. That is so exciting! Thank you!!! Let me know what you need me to do or what info to give you.

  23. What a genius product! I too pump at work and provide my daughters daycare with bottled breast milk. I can distinctly remember crying at the thought that I would have to introduce a bottle to my little one because I did have to go back to work… I was so fearful that she would prefer the bottle over me! I would have loved having this type of product (and still would) to ensure my little one remembers “breast us best”!

    Thank you for the article! I’ll be looking for this nipple in the future!!

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