Freebie Friday!

Yowza this is a pretty awesome freebie friday giveaway! As usual, our giveaway is from a local CT artisan. Simply leave a comment on this post to try to win. Winner will be selected Monday morning (contest will be open over the weekend).

Today’s giveaway comes from the very talented Rachel. Here’s a note from Rachel herself (LOVE her story!):

“My name is Rachel and I’m originally from Nashville, TN. I moved up to Connecticut for school and was reintroduced back into Art though clay and painting from when I was younger. I started making little baby plaques and blocks for my husband’s nieces and soon after my friends started asking me to make ones for their little ones! Most of the time I custom make them for when I know if it’s for a girl or boy and put something personal on them so they can keep it for years. I’m currently working on my Masters in Art Therapy and doing my fieldwork with at-risk youth while working with children on the Autism Spectrum as an ABA Therapist part-time. I also teach pottery to children and adults in Stamford, CT at Lakeside Pottery on the weekends. I’m a busy bee but I love going to school and both of the jobs that I do. It makes me happy to help others in need and as well to share my love for art.

I’m excited for the day I get to become an Art Therapist and help others find their sense of self through the process of art making. Although art is beautiful, it’s not always about the product but about the process. Please know that with every art piece I make each one is made with care, love and with the healing effects of creating.

My baby blocks are mostly made of wood and painted with acrylics. I love working with dimension and mixed media so try to include that within each piece whether it be ribbon, buttons or clay. Each one is unique and never exactly the same. They can hang on the wall or sit on the dresser. I love making them as much as I love seeing them go to a special home. The one I am donating today has a bit of a safari theme to it. The little giraffe took a lot of work with the tiny detail, but he’s ready to go to his new home!” Go to her etsy shop, it’s AWESOME.

Here are some photos of this beautiful item! You can even add a photo of your little one to it because the artist added a photo frame to the bottom! Fabulous!


10 thoughts on “Freebie Friday!

  1. Oh, so so cute! Love the giraffe, but will have to go to her etsy and see if she has an “elepant,” Ava’s favorite animal!

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