A Todd Parr Book Review & Giveaway!

Special Alert! Today we bring you something extra special – a book review AND a giveaway!! To try to win this giveaway just leave a comment on this post and tell us why you want a Todd Parr book. We’ll pick three winner’s on Wed. morning – each winner will get one book. You don’t have much time to enter so go, go, GO!

In our house, we are big fans of Todd Parr’s books. Even though our daughter is only about 9 months old, the Peace Book is her absolute favorite book to read. It’s bright and sends such positive messages, in a world where our kids are inundated by negative messages from the media. Believe it or not, this book actually beats out her Elmo book as far as her level of enthusiasm! My favorite page says, “Peace is watching it snow” because I do find that incredibly peaceful. My hubby’s favorite page is “Peace is having enough pizza in the world for everyone.” Go figure! Lillian (our daughter) has a favorite page too, hers says “Peace is giving shoes to someone who needs them.” Every time I read this book aloud to her, I feel so good because I know I’m sending her such positive messages about life at a young age.

Todd Parr actually has a ton of great books! We also have the “I Love You” book and the “I’m Not Scared Book” – both of which our daughter loves! What I particularly love about both of these books is that again, they send very reassuring & positive messages. For instance, one page in the I Love You book says “I love you when you are scared” and the next page says, “I love you when you are brave.” The story basically takes a bunch of things that kids might need reassurance about and juxtaposes them with reinforcing messages of unconditional love. So awesome.

The “I’m Not Scared Book” is written in the same way. One page reads, “Sometimes I’m scared of the dark” and the next page says “I’m not scared if I have a night-light.” I absolutely love that Todd takes things that lots of kids are afraid of and turns them right around into positive statements that feel so reassuring. (Is it bad if I too admit to being scared of the dark?!)

We are huge fans of these books. I was not paid to do this review, in fact I contacted Todd Parr personally because I wanted to do this for all of you!

I even captured a cute little video of Lillian with her three books:

We will choose THREE winners. Each will get one book.

Winner #1 will get The Peace Book

Winner #2 will get the I Love You Book

Winner #3 will get the I’m Not Scared Book

Oh, and did I mention that Todd Parr will sign your book to your child?!!? How amazing is that. He did that for my baby girl too:

Leave us a comment here to try to win!

38 thoughts on “A Todd Parr Book Review & Giveaway!

  1. Todd Parr is great! My 10 year old still enjoys his books and so do I. We hope to see him at our local library soon to get our The Daddy Book signed. So, it would be really special to win a signed copy of any of his books. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  2. I’ve heard so many great things about his books! What a great giveaway! I can’t believe we haven’t read one yet!

  3. I love books with a positive message and want to add one of these to my collection! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I adore Todd Parr and his books form an important part of my classroom library. I’m finding many of my students come from homes where bigotry flows as an undercurrent, some of it religious, some racial, some general. I would love the Peace Book for students to read over and over. Barbara

  5. My three kids love Todd’s books. Otto is hands down their favorite character and they always try to spot similarities between his books.

  6. We have had the Peace Book (our first Todd Parr book) since my 6 year old son was a wee little baby…our collection has grown but we don’t have either of the other 2 you are giving away. Both my son and daughter (5) love to read them…We have also gifted Todd Parr books to many friends over the years, trying to spread the love that his books portray. Thanks for featuring this 🙂

  7. We read the I LOVE YOU book EVERY SINGLE DAY! My kiddos LOVE it!! They pretend that they are the kids in the pictures!! Their FAVORITE pages are the sister and brother throwing food at each other and the STINKY diaper page!! They LOVE to listen to this book and I love to read it to them! 🙂 ❤

  8. I have 2 boys (ages 4 and 2), both of whom love to read. I’ll be honest I didn’t know of these books or their author, but they sound absolutely wonderful. What a pity we have missed out on such gems over the past couple of years, especially since both my boys are afraid of the dark. I suppose its better late than never….. thanks so much for sharing!

  9. My two children love Todd Parr books because of the vibrant colors and clear details in the illustrations. The first book we purchased had Otto inside so they were always asking to read it to see Otto. The positive messages each book sends is what we need in society today. My children will be better role models for others. We love the It’s Okay To Be Different book too! Keep up the great work Todd!

  10. I would love to win any of these books but the I’m not scared book sounds really cool! I love it when books do more than tell a story!

  11. Hi! We all just LOVE Todd Parr books. We received our first book, Otto Goes to the Beach, when I had my first baby (8 years ago) Now, my 3rd baby – who is 1 1/2 just LOVES the books too, Otto Goes to Bed, Do’s and Don’ts and more! Otto is our Favorite dog!! We would LOVE to add to our collection! Thank You!! xoxo

  12. We just celebrated a month of peace activities at our school last month. I’d love a copy of The Peace Book so that one more child could see what peace means through the eyes of Todd Parr.

  13. We love Todd Parr and would love to win one of his books. Thanks for the article. I wish there were more people like Todd Parr in this world.

  14. My kids LOVE Todd Parr books. We got hooked on them when we adopted our second child and were introduced to his book We Belong Together. He has even inspired me to start drawing and we have made cards for family members similar to his artwork. It’s Ok To Be Different is one of my son’s (3 yrs) favorites. We have a dog in the neighborhood who uses a doggie wheelchair. My son loves to tell him “It’s ok to have wheels!” We would love to have another of his books – especially one signed by him.

  15. The I Love You book has recently become our bedtime favorite, my little guy loves the mouse pushing baby mouse in the stroller. We’re just starting the family book which is my favorite – such an important message!

  16. I teach preschool and we hv some todd books, but none of these 3 titles. would love to share any with my class!!!

  17. I would love these books, because I just went to the author’s website and learned that he lives in San Francisco. I love anything to do with San Francisco – most fun I ever had visiting a city. I know that’s a weird reason, but it’s true. Would love these for my kid!

  18. I love Todd Parr!! We’ve taken The Peace Book out of our library many times. I also loved The Family Book when I was teaching. They’re all fantastic!!! What an amazing giveaway…

  19. My girls would love one of these wonderful boooks! Books are an important part of our bedtime routine and allow us to talk about different things in life

  20. What great books! I know this would be good for both of my kids, Miles is reading to himself, and will get such a positive message!! Another great giveaway from CT Working Moms!

  21. I know my little Parker would love a book! Reading together is his favorite part of his night time routine. What a great giveaway!!!

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