My Little Fashionista

I was expecting that one day my daughter would have her own ideas about fashion but I was not expecting that it would happen before she turns 3!  Does anyone else have a toddler fashionista living under their roof?  What an adventure this is!  Work/school mornings are particularly difficult because my daughter only wants to wear “pretty dresses.”  Unfortunately, I don’t do laundry at a pace fast enough to allow her to wear dresses all week long although we did buy her some new dresses for Christmas.  Even if my laundry was up to speed, dresses are not always the best choice for cool winter days since her class goes outside when the temperature is above freezing. 

I have learned that tunics with ruffles and leggings sometimes are acceptable to her (but not always).  Also, if we choose her clothes together and set them out the night before, she will often agree to wear an outfit that she probably would not have chosen on her own.  Another trick that has worked on occasion is to tell her that the outfit looks “just like a princess” or that one of her grandmothers got it for her.  On lucky mornings, I am able to ease her out of bed and into her clothes before she is awake enough to remember that she only likes dresses.  Other times, the clothes we picked out the night before are still sitting on her dresser when we walk out the door.

Because I strongly believe in picking and choosing my parenting battles and I see little harm in letting her wear what she wants as long as it is weather appropriate, I don’t fight it too much.  I try gentle persuasion (How about you wear this pretty shirt and leggings? Or these nice warm tights?) and more often than not, she gets to wear something that she likes, which is almost never jeans.  

 I am finding it a little sad that she has at least 2 pairs of cute little skinny jeans sitting in her drawer with the tags still on them.

Am I already in trouble here or will she at some point realize that play clothes are so much more comfortable? And is her little sister destined to be another fashionista?


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