Cleaner Living Column

I wanted to start a column talking about ways we can live cleaner.  Not just for the environment, but how to reduce the abuse on our bodies and the bodies we love by limiting the chemicals we subject them to.

Growing up, I never really gave any thought to the products I used or exposed myself to.  I mean, if they can be sold in stores they must be ok for you, right?


As a consumer advocate, Hubby has been warning me for the last 10 years about the perils that surround us in bottles, sprays, cleaners, etc.   We know that companies who manufacture and market their products to us do not have our best interests at heart.  Most if them think with their bottom line- our health is collateral damage in the quest for higher profits.

Even with all of this knowledge we still weren’t completely free of harmful products.  We would get green cleaners where we could afford it, but we aren’t going to lick the mirror, so we can still buy some cheap Windex.

It irked me when some scientists would deem that chemicals in  small amounts are really not bad for you.  However, small amounts start to add up with every product you use.  I started to think that this, among other environmental factors, may be why our kids have so many allergies/disorders than ever before.

So I was determined to try to limit our families use of harmful chemicals in every way we could, even if it meant more money.

Boy, was I surpriesed to find out through my trials of homemade alternatives that we would be spending less, using less, and more importantly ingesting less.

Hopefully you will find these future columns helpful in limiting the chemicals in your life on your own path to Cleaner Living.

PS. Kudos to Michelle for the great graphic!

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