Magical Mondays!

I’m on the fly today as we head off on our Thanksgiving vacation ~ so just a quick list of simple magic, which is often the BEST anyway!

* We’re heading to Boston today to meet our new DOG! (Wanna see her? She’s “rockstar gorgeous”!)

* Handling my 3 year old’s (daily) tantrums with MUCH grace and unconditional love (insert “patting-myself-on-back” smilie).

* Continuing to give my BELOVED hubby a massage every night and our LOVE is continuing to expand!

* My 3 month old baby who DELIGHTS us every morning with his “morning-smile-sessions” and his pillow talk. 🙂

* My 6 year old…who is just plain cool (and magnificent to boot!)

* Hamburger stroganoff ~ one of my fav’s. 🙂

* Double chocolate brownies ~ another fav!

* Looking forward to seeing family for Thanksgiving ~ and have all 6 little cousins together.

What’s so magical about your Monday?

Happy Thanksgiving!

11 thoughts on “Magical Mondays!

  1. Finally getting to sleep in tomorrow morning after a very long, hectic stretch
    Heading to NY to visit my family for Thanksgiving
    Hired the contractors to start sheetrocking our addition next week
    Leftover delicious cupcakes and ice cream for dessert
    Nightime cuddles with my girls

    Yeah, life is good. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  2. *Getting out of pull-ups and officially being done with ALL diapers, including through the night!
    *Getting over a cough and cold in time for Thanksgiving.
    *Managing the cutest hair style on a Monday morning, for picture retake day 🙂
    *Getting to spend time with my awesome family over the Thanksgiving holiday!

    Thanks for making me more aware of the magic in my life, Kate! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Being Happy that the people who broke into my husbands and my car last night – didnt get the cars…just some stuff! And yes it sucked to go through it – it could have been much worse. I am thankful!!

  4. Congrats on the dog Kate!! Can’t wait to see pictures when she’s home with you.

    I thought about you yesterday. Lately, my hubby and I have been not communicating very well and have been having lots of little arguements (which makes both of us feel like crap). Yesterday we communicated so well that we were both SO happy and suddenly good things started happening, like MAGIC! I’m so not kidding. I said outloud to Dan that I bet Kate would say this is magic!

    *The checkout person at the store yesterday just giving us a 20% off coupon for no reason.
    *We decided to buy a new bed and for no reason at all the sales person decided to give us a free set of sheets, comforter, bed frame and matress cover. We couldn’t believe it!!
    * Being so, so happy in my relationship with my hubby.
    *Realizing that if I can just let the negative go and be open to the positive I am so much happier.

    1. I’m late to reply but HAD to! Incredible, Michelle! I love every word! (and I’m guessing you bought your bed at the Bedding Barn? Because that wonderful woman gave us free sheets, comforters and pillows! )

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