Other Mommas Understand!

Okay so I couldn’t resist the cute little sign that made me smile! 

 I smile because I am now privy to the inside truth – it happens!

Many a momma can attest to this little ummmm secret? Sometimes a laugh or a sneeze makes you pee, “I peed my pants” – granted ,Thankfully for me, it’s just been a little drop but none the less it has been happening since I gave birth.   I know-  I know the kegels – but to be honest I feel wierd doing the Kegels – and then truthfully it makes me have to pee more while doing them.  So- am I doomed to holding in sneezes or belly laughs?    No I read – That kegels may keep you in a constant circle of repair then fail, keeping you always having to do them sort of thing to increase your Pelvic Floor Muscles… I read you can get better results from doing deep squats a few times a day to increase your glute muscles that help support your PF muscles.   So I am in – I am going to give that a try and heck if it doesnt work at least it may help my glutes!!!  🙂

MS: I am ALL for scratching items off my to-do list! Before we get too carried away with our newfound freedom from Kegels, I want to get back to the role of our glutes. What you’re saying–and I love this–is that there’s a much better reason, besides aesthetics, to avoid the flat butt syndrome found in most older women (further exacerbated in “mom jeans”). Having a booty–as in strong glutes–will not only do wonders for your view from the backside but prevent you from peeing just a little (or a lot) when you sneeze. This is revolutionary. I love what I’m hearing.

KB: Ok, I’m yelling this: YOU REQUIRE YOUR BUTT MUSCLES! There aren’t any extraneous parts on the body! Every muscle is really a pulley that is holding your skeleton just so. When you let your glutes go, you allow the bones of the pelvis to collpase into themselves. The squat is the most effective and natural glute strengthener–using the full range of motion and your body weight. It is entirely more effective than any gym machine or contrived exercise. The hunter-gathering folks squat multiple times a day (or at least once in the morning), so they had a nice routine down over a lifetime. Doing this four to five times a day, every day of your pregnancy will improve the delivery as well!

From the Article:


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