Magical Mondays!

Well, I’m very pleased to tell you that handling my 3 year old Roan this past week has been much easier since my post last week! I think writing my Magic list about him definitely helped but then I also have to give a lot of credit to a book I’m reading called “Real Love in Parenting.” It’s an eye-opener and it’s helped me parent my 3 year old, as well as my other children, with a heart that is wide open. I recommend it highly! I can’t say that the tantrums have disappeared, but I’M much better at handling them and then afterwards he always tells me he loves me. In fact, I can’t even COUNT how many times he’s told me he loves me this week (he just came in and told me again right now! How does he always know when I’m writing about him?!). Being able to say all of this is DEFINITELY magical!!!

More Magic:

* Having a wonderful group of friends over for dinner last night! (And our house looks relatively clean for having had 10 children here!)

* Hubby and I NOT freaking out when we had to come home early (VERY EARLY) from our date on Sunday because our 3 year old was having a tough time (see, I told you the tantrums are still there, but they’re not as irritating as they once were! 😉 )

* Saving our Sunday by coming home with “Cars 2” and burgers and fries ~ we had a family picnic in front of the fire watching our movie.

* Hearing that so many of my CT friends have the power restored! I’m so happy for all of you!

* Thinking that this may be a very magical week!

Please join me and share some of the simple things that you’re grateful for ~ I promise it’ll make for a better day! Happy Magical Monday!

12 thoughts on “Magical Mondays!

  1. Simple things I am grateful for … this is a subject that makes me uneasy. I often have trouble identifying the positive. It feels trifling to take pleasure in small things under the oppressive weight of the heavy, difficult things. Nonetheless, I am grateful to the Dark Goddess for showing us the way to light in the blackest of times.

    1. If I could, I’m going to replace “trifling” with “transforming”, ’cause that’s absolutely what it does (and I needed that reminder this morning, so thank you!). Much love to you, Melanie.

  2. 1. This morning’s coffee!
    2. Today’s gorgeous weather.
    3. A productive work day, and being able to work a full week (with power!)

  3. 1. Heat, lights, and my alarm clock.
    2. Don back in his room and us in ours.
    3. Unprompted goodbye hug from Don at daycare.
    4. Catching up with colleagues on their weekends.
    5. Sunshine

  4. 1. Beautiful weather!
    2. Seeing Nate in his new, fuzzy fleece pjs with bears all over them 🙂
    3. Good coffee
    4. Both boys sleeping until 6:15 on day 2 of the “fall back” (I thought we’d be up at 5 am for weeks!)

  5. First I must say, it’s really great starting out the work week by thinking of some magic. It helps start things off right!

    1. A family snuggle in bed before coming to work this morning.
    2. My hubby snuggling me last night until I fell asleep (love this).
    3. My baby girls big smile when she sees me first thing in the morning.
    4. Being thrilled to be back at my desk after being away for a week (I’m a dork – I love working!)
    5. Went for a run yesterday for the first time in over a month and felt great!

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