Officially in the Club!

Ladies, I am officially a mommy. After 40 weeks of pregnancy I finally gave birth to our son Maximus David and it is amazing. We were team green so it was so exciting in the labor room on his birthday. So this is the reason why I must apologize for being such a horrible blogger…

Onto the birth story of my little Man. First off he was two days late (Thanks Max) and this is when I had an inkling that it was a boy. I was thinking “No daughter of mine would be late for any occasion!” Just kidding but when Max came; he came on his own terms.

I was home on the second night feeling like a whale and enjoying the uncomfortableness of pregnancy when I had my first contraction. Ladies everyone is right you know a contraction from Braxton hicks from a mile away. I remember thinking “I hope I know I am in contractions?” Oh I did.

So the first contraction came around 8pm so I started walking around my house. It was reminiscent of a pregnant hamster on a wheel going around and around. I was determined to have the contractions get closer and closer and wait as long as I could so I wouldn’t have “false labor” and get sent back for being a baby.

The contractions started about 10 minutes apart then about 20 minutes later they were 7 and so on until they were strong and 5 minutes apart less than 2 hours later.

I was like ALRIGHT here we go. I called the doctor on call and told the hubby to get the car and the bags. By the time we got to the Hospital it was midnight and when I walked in proceeded to run to the bathroom and hurl up everything I had eaten that day.

Unfortunately that is how my body deals with PAIN by throwing up. It is very sexy to say the least. As I cleaned up and tried to work through the contractions they brought me up stairs and I was checked. 4 cm!!! Whooo hoo! The first thing out of my mouth in between the contractions that were coming every minute and a half was DRUGS PLEASE! The nurse gave me some stadol which was wonderful and I got the epidural a hour later.

I was 5 cm when the epidural was given and it felt wonderful. I give any woman credit for going natural but I am not that strong of a woman. I progressed in an few hours to 8 cm. but then stalled out for a long time…so in came the pitocin. This helped me get to 10 cm and Max came an hour later at 11:20 am at 9.1 lbs. and 20 inches.

We are so in love and getting in the groove of things and dealing with not working or sleeping. I have more to report but for now here is a pic of our little guy.

6 thoughts on “Officially in the Club!

  1. He is seriously so cute. Congratulations again, and thanks for sharing your story. You say you aren’t a strong woman for chosing the epidural, but I think you’re amazing and beautiful and powerful for bringing such a gorgeous baby into the world!

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