Dinner Advice Needed!

On Sunday my family fled our powerless, freezing home, to stay with our good friends who were kind enough to take us in. We have been there ever since!

In a weak attempt to make up for the inconvenience that we have caused them, I have been grocery shopping every evening, attempting to bring home delicious food, and to prepare a good dinner.  The issue is that my friend eats only a gluten-free diet. On Monday I made gluten-free lasagna, Tuesday was chicken stew over brown rice, and Wednesday was gluten-free quiche. I’m fresh out of ideas, and I heard that power may not be restored until next Tuesday!

Please, please, send any advice that you have for gluten-free dinners that would serve four adults and four children (under four), which are relatively easy to make.

Thank you for your ideas and please keep your fingers for the lights to come back on soon!

2 thoughts on “Dinner Advice Needed!

  1. I’ve been using a great recipe at home for tex-mex tacos which, minus the flour tortillas (and there must be a gluten-free version out there, right?), I believe can be gluten-free. It’s a quick, easy, cook-in-one-skillet meal, and the recipe as written makes a ton of servings. The chipotle chiles do add some heat which might not appeal to the kids, but even just one adds such a unique flavor and I find to be rather mild anyways. Hope this helps, good luck! http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/tex-mex-beef-tacos-10000000630120/

  2. Hi! I follow a gluten free diet and it’s not as intimidating as it seems. (Actually, I’m impressed with the meals you did come up with!) Really, any kind of meat and potatoes will do. Most marinades/sauces that are gluten free will say so in bold letters below the ingredients list. Another good side dish grain is called quinoa (keen-wa), which cooks very similarly to rice and has a nice nutty flavor. It tends to be in the natural/organic food section of the supermarket. You might also find gluten free pizza in the freezer of the natural food section. Amy’s is a good brand–look for the rice crust version–although you’ll have to buy a few of them because they are not that big. Or they may have frozen pizza crust and then you can have a pizza making party, which is always fun for kids. You could do breakfast for dinner and make a big egg scramble with ham and cheese. You could also cook a few kielbasa type sausages. I use Hillshire Farms turkey kielbasa and pair it with mashed potatoes or tater tots. Mmm, tater tots. Anyway, I hope this helps get you through the next few days. I wish I were at home so I could send you some recipes. Oh, you could check blogs like “Gluten-free Goddess” for recipes. Good luck!

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