Travel With Baby

Since my daughter was born, we’ve taken her on 6 road trips and 1 international flight. Here are some of the things that have saved us in our travels. Feel free to share your travel tips too!

1. Portable computer or electronic device where I can play You Tube videos of Elmo. I swear I do not tire of Elmo’s song because he keeps her quiet and happy. I know someday I will want to tell Elmo to put a sock in it, but for the love of God, something about this guy works. Good for about an hour.

2. The Boba baby carrier – for long walks on the beach, running around the airport, getting her to calm down after fits of boredom, long naps, and nursing. Good for 1-3 hours.

3. Ella’s Kitchen and other organic foods that come in a travel pouch. These things are genius. Mia pretty much eats table food but these have come in handy when we are on the go and she refuses to eat anything I offer her. They don’t make much mess, and it’s a good way for me to sneak carrots (Mia’s least fave food) in. Good for a snack.

4. Lightweight umbrella stroller. It cost $15 at Target, but Mia loves sitting in it and watching the world before her. We walked for hours in Dublin this summer to see the sites and she had a grand ole time just people watching. Good for an afternoon.

5. The kindness of strangers. Yes, we were “those people” on the plane. Mia had to be strapped in my lap for the flight and she went nuts during take-off. She hates being confined or tied down. Also, everyone advised me to have her drink from a sippy or nurse during take-off and landing to help with ear pressure. The kid refused no matter how hard I tried and just screamed. If it weren’t for the nice people next to us who started to play peek-a-boo, her shrieks would not have turned into giggles. Good for about 15 minutes. You need the kindness of MULTIPLE strangers 🙂

3 thoughts on “Travel With Baby

  1. Mia started in the Boba when she was nine months and she is on the small side. I am very small myself, being 5ft. (give or take a few inches, hee hee) and it is so much better for my back than the Ergo, which I also tried. The Boba can be used well into toddlerhood and can be worn in the front and on the back. It’s also good for baby because they are placed in a sit-squat position. Best of all, it’s is soft and machine washable! If you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask!

  2. i’ve heard about the Boba- how old or how heavy can a child be in there? Right now Jake’s doing great in the Baby Bjorn, but i can’t help but think he’ll be growing out of it. The Boba looks a little more heavy-duty, and can you use it on your back, too?

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