Wanted: Mom Friend (s) !!!

How do you make other Mom friends?

What I feel like I am missing out on.

   Okay so I didn’t grow up here in CT – originally a Jersey Girl – without the ton of makeup & and no Jersey shore gal here. I have lived in CT for a couple of years and work in an office with 4 other women who are all closer to retirement then me, so we don’t get together after work and they dont have kids.  Our paths are at different intersections so to speak, they are great to talk to, but I do miss having a close friend going through the same things as me.

I am finding it near impossible to make friends with other women my age and with a baby (children) around my sons age (almost 14 months).  Looking for a Mom Friend, someone to hang out with share what is going on in our lives, our childrens lives.  I so miss the girl chat, get togethers and someone to bounce ideas off of or just grab a coffee and vent over the new diaper cream that isn’t doing what the box said it would as fast as it claimed – well you get the idea.   I also feel like I am missing out on the Mommy & Me groups that all meet days during the work week, since they all seem to meet at 10am on a tuesday, hey I work full time, drive an hour each way to the office so by the time I walk in the door at night it is a little after 6pm.   I am feeling like the older we get the harder it is to make friends – again it may just be that my circle to choose from is very limited at the moment and besides changing jobs or hanging out at a mommy group,any ideas?

Back to the question at hand – How do you make New Mom friends?

I miss my NJ Friends!

10 thoughts on “Wanted: Mom Friend (s) !!!

  1. @ Danielle D – Hi and I agreeits hard enough as we get older to make friends but add a baby and it becomes even harder! Where am i from – Originally NJ 🙂 Now I work in Milford and live on the border or Waterbury adn Wolcott CT so i have a pretty big range each day.

    Would love to make some new Mom friends!!!!!!

  2. I have been looking for the same thing. I sat here wondering how I am going to make friends when I am a stay at home mom with a 3 month old. I feel like the moment I became pregnant my friends disappeared one by one at the time I needed them the most. It hurts to not have someone to talk to and hang out with. I call my old friends and they use the I’m busy excuse. Which really means I don’t want to be bothered by you and your kid. But my son is my world and im sure other moms out there feel the same way I do. Where are you from?

  3. Thanks VT NAtive – but little man isnt in daycare – my Husband is a SAHD – (Stay at Home Dad) so again smaller circle to try and make friends from. But I will figure it out everyone says oh when he goes to school – but again – I wont be the one there dropping him off and picking him up – so who knows. Maybe I will start a Working Moms Meet up group in the Area.

  4. It took me a while to wise up to this…but the other Moms at your daycare center are a great option. Over the past few months a handful of Moms from my daycare center have bonded and formed a Mom group. We are going to try and go out to dinner once a month. They are great, we all have similar schedules and we get a chance to catch up on what is happening at the daycare center with the other children and teachers. They are a great resource and support system. Good luck!

  5. Joy – I’ll be your Mom friend! I know how hard it is. I have friends who also happen to be mothers, who I never see because we’re so busy working and taking care of our kids. Weekends roll around and if I’m not bringing work home with me for the weekend, I’m catching up on the mountain of housework that piles up while I’m working. I think the hardest part is that these days – – unlike the old days of being a student, working an easier job with no family obligations, or whatever the case may be – – we actually have to make a concerted effort to plan to see our friends. It’s almost like the way you would manage your Outlook calendar at work; you also need to schedule appointments for friends and family. Kind of sad but I guess it’s a reality.

    On occasion I will be invited to parenting-related events, through people I know in the community, through our doula/childbirth educator, from friends of friends … maybe I will start getting involved with some of those groups. For example, I got invited to a birth circle a while ago (sit around a circle and share your birth experience, positive or not so positive). Couldn’t make it, but I’m thinking I should take these opportunities to meet up with moms with similar interests. If I hear of an event like this that’s open to the public, I’ll post that here on CT Working Moms and see if any of you lovely ladies wants to go with me!

    1. Thanks Melanie – 🙂
      Its hard I guess as we get older…and move around etc.
      My circle of friends I left in NJ and although we communicate on facebook or texts and try at least twice a year to get together it is harder and not as nice as someone who is a little closer to us geography wise.

      As I mentioned my circles don’t run wide and work office is small and well sometimes you just need a friend. Sad as it may sound.

      Thanks for the comment – happy Blogging.


  6. The Waterbury Moms Meetup Group Meetup details are available only to members.
    We are currently closed to all new members, thank you for your interest. – Gotta Love that they are Closed to new members! 🙂

    1. just like the process of lining up Jake’s Pedi! I called around until i was lucky to find a good doc that was still accepting new patients!! Your post reminds me of when i was pregnant- i kept telling my husband that i wish i had a friend to be pregnant with! It’s nice to be able to relate to someone who’s going through the exact same things you’re going through…while you’re going through them!

  7. I just did a google search for “mom groups” and i found a few websites that might be good to follow up on. When i was home on maternity leave i discovered a mom group that mall walks and goes to the MDC on nice days for stroller walks. I’m sure there has to be more around! i also heard about moms clubs/groups on meetup. You can type in your zip code and it lists out groups all around your area!



    1. Hi Marie –
      I too did try that – during my pregnancy and after giving birth – they all meet up during the day mid week… I can’t do that and would maybe need a saturday afternoon sort of club once in awhile. Oh well I will keep looking – or maybe move ! LOL 🙂

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