Elmo loves you!


So Ava loves Elmo… I mean what kid doesn’t?  But the way she reacts to even a picture of Elmo resembles a tween who has just seen Justin Bieber (yeah, I’m in trouble).

Well, her stuffed Elmo met his maker in a gruesome attack by our dog, leaving him without a cute, fuzzy face.  Ava was not witness to the attack, so we can put off the therapy for a little while longer.

Nonetheless, she continues to look for him, “Elmo? Elmo? Elmo?” is the incessant question that goes on for most of the afternoon into evening.

We needed a replacement and fast. 

So, I have searched at least 4 stores, including the supermarket (sometimes you can find good toys there) for a stinking Elmo.  They have Elmos that talk, walk, rock, sing, dance, tickle, and giggle, even one that chatters (um, WTF?), but none that do nothing, none that you can simply hug and not be completely annoyed by after 2 minutes straight of creepy laughter.

So Cookie Monster is filling in for the moment while we wait for the one from Amazon to arrive.

What toys have you gone crazy looking for for your kids?

4 thoughts on “Elmo loves you!

  1. Barnes and Nobles sells the Sesame Street stuff animals as is…no noise, just for hugging! They should have the exact elmo you’re looking for. Don is way obsessed as well! He also loves Cookie, but his first passion is Elmo.

  2. lol we are in for a whole heap of trouble when the little guys start really getting into this sort of thing and we will be the ones waiting in line outside of Toys R Us on Black Friday for the next Tickle me Elmo. My Mother in Law gave me some sage advice with Jake- buy two of the same exact “Woobies” (Woobie= Jake’s sleepytime stuffed rabbit from Apple Park). This way if we accidentally leave Woobie behind in Shop Rite or is lost somewhere at Nonna’s house, we have a replacement Woobie ready to go. And if he ever insists that Woobie #2 is not really his Woobie, we’re just going to say Woobie went on vacation and got all nice and cleaned up……… (crosses fingers and hopes this will work).

  3. Ha! Great post. I actually thought of you over the weekend because I was at Once Upon a Child, sitting on the floor feeding Lills way in the back of the store, and I noticed they had a plush Elmo that doesn’t make any noise! I almost emailed you to tell you but then I thought second hand plush toys might not be the most appealing…

  4. Ha ha I love this! Mia is too little for Elmo right now, but is showing early signs of love for Cookie Monster. Right now she prefers pots, pans, and cardboard boxes over her many toys. Go figure. Thanks for showing me what’s in store!

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